AMD: The Future of Gaming?

Will there really be a difference anymore between console and PC gaming?

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Vasto1806d ago

Console is the future of gaming.

Everything that use to define pc gaming has moved to console.

LaWiiG1806d ago

Are you serious right now?

Vasto1806d ago

Yes, I am.

Who would have thought that mods would become more popular on console.

Fallout 4 Xbox One mods draw 50 times more traffic than on PC

The only thing left is full Keyboard and Mouse support. Phil has already said it is coming to Xbox One.

FlameBaitGod1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

"Fallout 4 Xbox One mods draw 50 times more traffic than on PC"

Yeah... from the Bethesda store LOL, PC players download MOD's from Nexus.

Have fun seeing that, now you can go back to your cave of no knowledge.

81 Million DOWNLOADS, just in case you needed to see it on text.

Btw his right LaWiiG, PC is dying


DeadlyFire1806d ago

Gaming is gaming either way you look at it the new tech stuff is pc first then trickles down to consoles and mobile. All hardware developments work this way.

LaWiiG1806d ago

That's one game. The Xbox One is the last platform you should boast about in regards to sales. The console numbers for units sold is dismal.

LaWiiG1806d ago

But, AMD is introducing things that is creating pc-like consoles. And, with the AMD RX 480, that's even more of a possibility.

Ysmir67231805d ago

Definately not power.An ant compared to my sli 1080(18 TFLOS vs 1,84)

freshslicepizza1806d ago

nvidia have outpriced themselves for consoles but they are still the leader. i have a feeling the rx 480 will be very mainstream and sell extremely well. it is something i am now seriously considering given its price. before i was all in for the gtx 1070 but this is almost half the price.

LaWiiG1806d ago

The 1080 and 1070 are cheap, but two 480's crossfire is still less expensive.

freshslicepizza1805d ago

$599 isn't exactly cheap for a video card (the gtx 1080 cheapest price).

dragonopt11806d ago

I could see consoles being the future of "most" games. All they need is mouse and keyboard support really and it's cheaper for most people. I mean think about League of Legends and Dota 2 playing them on the ps4 or Xbox. I've always thought about why Sony or MS don't try for this, it would bring so many people to their consoles.


I dont think so as amd is developing his graphics cards this might make no more diffrence in pc and console gaming!

LaWiiG1806d ago

AMD APU's might change that if they support exterior cards.

Vasto1806d ago

Xbox Scorpio will be the 1st console to be better than a PC.

LaWiiG1806d ago

I would half agree with you. That is, unless they bring more true Windows 10 integration.

Vasto1806d ago

I think it will be running a full custom version of Windows 10.

And yes, you will be able to install STEAM on it.

thisgamer5031805d ago

Probably not by the time it releases

LaWiiG1805d ago

It will probably hit before holiday season. Microsoft has already wanted the push for the Windows 10 store. I already use my controller on some games. I would play Halo if it were on PC over my Xbox one


what that means that all the playstations and xboxes are just waste isint it??

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