Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Made a Linear World Seem Open

OnlySP: What does it mean when a game is linear? A Google search of the word linear digs up a strict definition of “arranged in a straight line” or “sequential, occurring in a series of steps.”

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DigitalRaptor1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Yep. I really appreciated this change in level design.

It did make an action-adventure game seem more adventurous, encourage more exploration and provide a number of different approaches to getting through a level. The wide-linear approach taken from The Last of Us also worked wonders in levels almost perfectly built for stealth combat. As such, scenarios can be so much more dynamic for it.

Seems like a number of PlayStation developers are going for the wider options, having been used to delivering linearity for quite some time. Most notably Horizon: Zero Dawn's huge open-world, and I'm fairly confident that Quantic Dream's new game is going to offer more pseudo open-world options, being a game that is called "Detroit", a city. It's good to see these developers expanding their games to seem more open, even if it is just for effect.

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freshslicepizza1353d ago

"Seems like a number of PlayStation developers are going for the wider options"

does everything in your world have to revolve around playstation only? this wide open approach is happening all around, not just playstation developers. good god you are such a loyal fan aren't you?

anyways naughty dog did another fantastic job and the extra power of the ps4 allows them more freedom to be more open.

sactownlawyer9161353d ago

Why does it bother you so much that he enjoys PlayStation? That's the real question.

1352d ago
freshslicepizza1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

"Why does it bother you so much that he enjoys PlayStation? That's the real question."

that's fine he enjoys the playstation, nothing wrong with that since sony deserves the support. the problem is his limited views outside of that. so why give playstation all the credit when the industry as a whole is to be credited? there is a difference between being a fan and being a fanboy and he is clearly the latter of the two.

all you guys are doing is enabling his behaviour.

game4funz1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

You need to relax.. It is perfectly true what he said. What exactly about what he said makes him a fanboy....

And don't bring up comment history that's completely childish.

And also... Stop pretending like you have to educate people. He can say whatever he wants... It won't make him a fanboy and I sincerely doubt you know the difference between a fan and a fanboy.

Doabarrelroll1352d ago

Oh the irony, I don't see you doing the same thing when Xbox gamers say something similar. What's the problem. this Is PlayStation article, not an Xbox article. You guys always say to stay in your line well their doing that. Practice what your preach

freshslicepizza1352d ago

"Oh the irony, I don't see you doing the same thing when Xbox gamers say something similar."

typical response. did i mention xbox? no. did i mention nintendo? no but the xbox is always the go to card with you guys isn't it? keep feeding the same cycle of this us versus them mentality. good job guys.

"What's the problem. this Is PlayStation article, not an Xbox article."

tell me where i mention the xbox? i said other developers. do you not comprehend the ps4 gets support from other developers too? no you didn't. i said other developers not just playstation developers meaning first party sony studios are not the only developers going in a more open format than linear gameplay. this again is due to the hardware being more powerful but you guys want to make this about xbox versus playstation because every time someone calls out a sony fanboy this is the reaction which is enabling his behaviour.

"You guys always say to stay in your line well their doing that. Practice what your preach"

did i mention nintendo? did i mention microsoft or the xbox? so what exactly is it i am supposed to be practicing, that you will continue to ignore this user when he doesn't do what you asked?

like i said, he will never change as long as the community continues to enable him.

Doabarrelroll1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

What was wrong with his comment, how was it fanboyish, and why should he have to mention others. Is that a requirement now, again you don't do the same for Xbox guys in their articles why here? If anything we support digitalis comment because it's kinda true. With Ubisoft downgrading all their games, EA milking cows to death, Bethesda not giving a crap about PlayStation, capcom charging 60$ for an incomplete game, Konami being Konami, and such, it seems like only Playstations first party studios are taking risks or changing it up in their games and actually caring. Apart form rockstar and CD red name us developers that actually care for their fans.

DigitalRaptor1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

We're on a PlayStation 4 exclusive article, and I made an observation that didn't do anything to initiate the platform wars you seem to hate so much. You initiated an argument right here and now. I am happy to see developers that previously focused on linear experiences making games that are more open. If you want to discuss this further then bring up some names and we'll have an actual conversation about it, instead of some petty back and forth initiated by this personal agenda you have against me.

To sum up, I read nothing about your comment here that wasn't absolutely DRENCHED in insecurity. I read nothing about my comment here that could have prompted a sane individual to respond the way you did. I'm embarrassed for you.

You've been stalking my comments ever since I came back from a roughly 12 day break. There are Xbox fans on here that do precisely the same, but you've decided to take it upon yourself to make it about me and declare some kind of war of obsession on me. My profile bio says exactly what kind of gamer I am and what my "world" revolves around. Sort yourself out mate.

freshslicepizza1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

"What was wrong with his comment, how was it fanboyish, and why should he have to mention others."

i expanded on his comment saying its not just playstation studios. we have seen the open world genre expanding lately and part of the reason is hardware is a lot better now.

"Is that a requirement now, again you don't do the same for Xbox guys in their articles why here?"

why are we talking about xbox guys? this isn't about the xbox, it is about the industry as a whole who are also leaning towards more open world gaming.

"If anything we support digitalis comment because it's kinda true. With Ubisoft downgrading all their games"

ubisoft makes open world games, why are we now talking about downgrading ther games? how do you go from me expanding on playstation studios to include all studios to talking about ubisoft and their quality? try and stay on topic.

"EA milking cows to death"

ea makes open world games"

"Bethesda not giving a crap about PlayStation"

how are they not supporting the ps4? bethesda had issues with the ps3 hardware, as did most developers. how is bethesda favoring nintendo over playstation for example? they aren't so again stay on topic.

"capcom charging 60$ for an incomplete game"

you mean the game they partnered with sony?

"Konami being Konami, and such"

speak of the devil. the last metal gear solid game was less linear, this is what i am talking about.

"it seems like only Playstations first party studios are taking risks or changing it up in their games and actually caring. Apart form rockstar and CD red name us developers that actually care for their fans."

how did uncharted 4 take such huge risks or are we going off topic again and talking about other projects like detroit and horizon? funny how this went from me expanding on other studios than just playstation studios going more open to you defending sony and how they take risks.

lots of developers care for their fans. the makers of divinity orginal sin for example just gave out a revamped version of their game for free with added content to those who already bought it before. no added cost. but you guys are so embedded in what sony does you can't seem to see past your own biased views.

"Yet YOU don't do anything like YOU are here with digitalis comment."

your whole post history has you arguing against xbox fans and not sony fans you have the audacity to call me out for not going after them? look at some of your comments, it's embarassing. no wonder you support this guy.

Doabarrelroll1352d ago

Omg it's pointless arguing with you your the type that believes your always right.

Why bring up Xbox guys. Because they make similar comments like digitalis in their articles yet THATS THE POINT. Yet YOU don't do anything like YOU are here with digitalis comment. YOU instigated the argument and YOU keep avoiding answering this question. Look point is next time an Xbox or Nintendo guy makes a similar statement that's as outlandish as digitals are YOU going to question it as you did digital. But knowing you probably not

The fact you defended EA makes your opinion irrelevant, just because Ubisoft makes open world games doesn't excuse the downgrade. Quit blaming Sony for capcoms faults. As for Bethesda look at their fix for the poorly optimized DLC on PS4. I rest my case.

Doabarrelroll1352d ago

Thanks for the PM, I'm honored you went through my comment history to try and prove me wrong. Most of fanboy comments are at Xbox TROLLS not FANS, I fixed it for you. You and all the other Xbox guys who do nothing but play victim and ignore your own fanboys call out Sony trolls enough. That I don't need to waste my time doing so thanks

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game4funz1352d ago

I actually disagree...i think making it seem open without actually being open was a waste of time and actually hurt my experience with the game. This is uncharted.... You want to explore ruins or ancient cities not a forest or plateau with nothing of interest in it.... You could say that there reason for exploration is collecting the treasures but.. It no longer makes much sense. In the previous uncharted the hidden treasures would be found within uncharted territory.... In uncharted 4 you'll find these "treasures" anywhere... Behind a stall.... Next to a person.... In a very public space etc...

In fact I feel like the last of us does a much better job in the exploration department... You want to explore... For resources, dialogue, and the post apocalyptic world is interesting.

Dark_Knightmare21352d ago

Only a very few treasures were like that not to mention there were journal entries and notes to find. In regards to the notes they were awesome just like in tlou and I'm so glad they included them in uc4

arkard1353d ago

And it was a much better game because of it. Every game doesn't have to be open world. But to have a linear game with a lot of options for exploration just works wonders.

MagicBeanz1353d ago

Uncharted games have never been open world games so anyone who complains that they aren't open world doesn't understand the genre or is just looking for an excuse to hate, not every game is open world, that being said they did a good job here making it feel larger and more open while still getting you to the next objective.

jessionpc1353d ago

Mehh... I don't know about that.

Many of the side area's were designed for the, "treasure", items.

And they are entirely pointless. Too bad we never got a dark souls like item description for each of the treasures to ACTUALLY make them worth picking up.

I would have LOVED to find a Bonny/Henry heart carved into the side of a goblet or a secret code symbol that showed who the first traitor was!

But nope, lets get mirror mode. Game sure as hell felt linear to me. Actually, it was the DEFINITION of linear, "and it's not even complete!", so cool to pay over 100 dollars for a single player game only worth 1 playthrough.

BU-BUT IVE PLAYED IT LIKE 3 TIMES NO- Because nothing else is out atm right now, right?... Yeeeea!

80 bux for 14 hours, and the most polished yet still boring mutliplayer I've ever seen, "Come on, we ALL know the multiplayer was for the most part dead 3 days after the game came out".

OH BUDDY I STILL PLAY IT YOUR SO WRO- Then you just don't play actual good multiplayer games. And that's completely fine. But arguing from inside the glass bottle isn't really respectable.

Uncharted 4, 9.5/10


Kurdishcurse1352d ago

Triggered is a word used by people with no intelligent arguments.

Deadlead1352d ago

Yeah! You're a special little flower, and people NEED to know about it!

1352d ago
Trez12341352d ago

Multiplayer is fun and still going very strong my friend. Denial is strong with you.

kraenk121352d ago

14 hours?! So you played the game on easy?!

If you played the game at all...

Kurdishcurse1352d ago

Played the game on medium with no auto aim and assist. Took 11 hours. Its a short game padded with cutscenes , walking/driving setpieces and excessive climbing (even some ND fans complained about the imbalance in climbing and action) Accept the facts and move on.

Kurdishcurse1352d ago

Agreed. Its level design is a horrid bore to be honest. Ignore the moronic waves of uncharted fanatics coming your way. Their little minds dont understand the concept of someone owning the console and not liking their barely mediocore game.

I found uncharted 4 boring, repetitive, mechanically thoughtless, with horrible gunplay and sneaking, cringe worthy AI, pointlessly generic weapon variety, and last but CERTAINLY not least, completely laughable and horrid enemy design and variety.

Its like they accepted the 1st draft of enemy concept art from some kid, and used that one model for the whole game. Maybe a different color and added armor here and there. Oh look...a slow moving armored fellow with a gatling creative. Oh look...a guy in a white shirt...*facepalm*

Its almost unthinkable how a game dev as famous as ND completely ignores one of the most integral and original parts of video games. I guess words speak much louder than actions when it comes to uncharted. Its sad since all talk and no walk makes nate a dumb boy.

"Waaah but uncharted isnt about enemies and level design waah waah"
Ahhhaaa....and that stopped them from putting actual talent and thought into these neglected aspects why exactly?

Simple...because they are not creative enough for it. Always smiled as some deluded fans say naughty dog can handle any genre. They would crash down in utter failure if they try to replicate a ninja gaiden or souls game.

Only thing its got going for it are graphics/animations (which i forgot about in half an hour, im a pc guy too so go figure) and maaaybe writing. I personally found the jokes stale and cringe worthy. We get it nate....your talking to a skeleton as if its alive for the 50th time. Jezuz...Maybe they shouldve spent those resources on i dont know....GAMEPLAY?!?

Aiight i got my load off now (hehe) ill go away and never check this thread. Only got insults from ND fans so far so nothing really worth checking replies for. They can keep deluding themselves in thinking this game didnt feel linear. Ill go about my day thinking uncharted is barely out of the thick line of being a climbing simulator.

Aloy-Boyfriend1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )


With such attitude, maybe you should make a game yourself and see how it goes...

Pretty sure the gameplay is already excellent because of the ''animations". They don't have a problem with budget. And anything they wanted to do with this game, they already delivered.

Dark_Knightmare21352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Lol horrible level design what game did you play and would you like to elaborate on why the smooth,tight and silky gunplay was horrible or the sneaking for that matter,generic weapon variety lol did you even play the game there was 29 different weapons counting the sword for the end boss fight 30 if we count the toy gun. Seriously if you didn't like the game that's fine but don't make up complete bullshit it makes you look like a troll or fanboy which will make no one take you seriously.

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annoyedgamer1353d ago

UC4 is not the only game to do this, The Metro series did it also it too is a story driven experience.

game4funz1352d ago

Yes metro... Hidden gem.

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