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FGE - A high definition remastered edition of Final Fantasy X-2 was recently released on Steam alongside its predecessor Final Fantasy X. The FFX-2 HD Remaster includes some new content, and a major graphics overhaul—the results of which are stunning. At the time of their releases, FFX and FFX-2 were two of the best-looking games ever produced for PS2, and a significant upgrade from the original 512×416 native resolution to HD resolution has brought these two stunners from the early 2000s into 2016 in style. In addition to the two games, the HD Remaster bundle also includes the short film “Eternal Calm”, which ties the events of the first and second game together, and a playable “Last Mission”—a roguelike dungeon tied into the conclusion of FFX-2. While I logged hundreds of hours playing FFX—one of my all-time favorite Final Fantasy games—I never gave FFX-2 a chance when it was released on PS2 back in 2003.

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