GameSpot are Receiving a lot of Hate for Their Deceiving Overwatch PS4 v PC Video

Published on YouTube on May 31st, the video titled ‘Overwatch PS4 v PC Gameplay Comparison’ has already received a ton of hate on YouTube alone. The video has garnered just under 7,000 dislikes at the time of writing this article; compared to only 800 likes...

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Aloy-Boyfriend1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Overwatch look very nice on my LED TV, but not with that much shadows.

Game Journalist taking us for fools once more, and they are only hurting themselves

ChickeyCantor1799d ago

You need to do some color correction/calibration.

notachance1798d ago

am I the only one who noticed the title of the video is 'Gameplay Comparison' not 'Graphic Comparison'?

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1798d ago

No one is paying attention to that because it's not controversial.

Warpaint1798d ago

I only realized that after reading your comment. It's kind of funny how we can forget to simply read something when there's so much shit going on

Dee_911798d ago

shhh The Master Race has spoken. Everything is, and will always be about graphics regardless of intent.

Testfire1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Am I the only one who noticed that the video was uploaded on March 31st? As in April Fools? Y'all got trolled haha.

guitarded771793d ago

Okay, I'm confused... what are people "mad" about. The article doesn't say anything.

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Deadlead1798d ago

Who the hell cares? If your PC can outperform the settings Gamespot used to display the game then great for you! It's this crap that generates that PC elitist stigma. People are aware that PC performance can vary rig to rig unlike consoles. Why? Why let this bother you?

Dragonking0071798d ago

This game really isnt a super heavy graphics game its like comparing minecraft or borderlands or walking dead they use a unique style and not very demanding of gpu

Tsar4ever011798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

The only difference I see that the PC build has true "Reflections" on glossy floors, has better, stable frame-rates obviously, sharper shadows effects and higher contrast ratio, I actually prefer PS4's slightly "darker shade" and "richer color" dept, personally.

I believe the shadow effect we're seeing off Hanzo's portrait on Ps4 is the in-game "Global Illumination" tech at work during the recording. So I'm not sure GameSpot has done anything wrong in this video, I don't sense any foul play here.

Yet Again, I prefer Ps4's deeper color over the Pc's higher contrast.

ifistbrowni1798d ago

why is a video uploaded from March 31 even relevant? People on the internet really do create mountains out of mole hills.. This is obviously beta footage and it's also comparing the gameplay, not graphics. Not sure what there is to be uptight about...?

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TheGreatGamer1799d ago

Wow that is just embarrassing for GameSpot

1798d ago
RashBandicoot1798d ago

I've respected gamespot a lot during its founding years. But this is an all new low.

Walter_Official1798d ago

Its a Gameplay comparison though... Not Graphics

TheTwelve1799d ago

Someone clue me in? What benefit does Gamespot get for showing minimal PC settings?

iTechHeads1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

It's what most people will be running it on isn't it?
I mean it would be unfair to show it in 4K Ultra when most won't be able to run it like that.

EDIT: I can't reply to any of your comments guys, the reply system seems to be broken.

Toiletsteak1799d ago

The game isn't even that demanding though.

Pookandpie1799d ago

On what basis do you believe most people would be running it on minimal?

I haven't changed my rig in probably 3 years and I'm maxing the game with no fps drops.

Gaming_Cousin1799d ago

If they are going to make comparisons they should see what the general specs are for PC and use those or something similar to compare it with and to also include maxed out versions of games unless some games are waaay to demanding/broken

TheGreatGamer1799d ago

No. PC rigs better than the current consoles are aplenty and it should at least be running on specs appopriate for the recommended settings. This gives the illusion of the PS4 version being the best version of the game, when in fact it's the PC version.

Gaming_Cousin1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


People would like to know how a game looks on their rig. If your going to put a video of only including an expensive rig that only the minority have then it will be misleading to most PC gamers. There should be two separate videos for the PC based on a rig that is similar to the general gamer and to the gamer that can max everything out.

Erik73571799d ago

Well what if we want to see how good the game could look? This comment is stupid.

xPaYDaYx1799d ago

I have to disagree, most pc gamers will be playing this game on max settings at 1080p.

Army_of_Darkness1799d ago

But, but... I though pc gamer's thought the ps4/xbone version of games were "low settings" on a PC?!? LMFAO!

ULTp0ltergeist1798d ago

Why are some of you playing stupid. It's obvious because they are Playstation bias. A major gaming news outlet bias toward one console. Now it's PC and they get the backlash they always should have gotten but when it's Xbox the most outspoken here play dumb dumb.

game4funz1798d ago

Most people according to whom?
There are no stats that say how many people actually have the setting requirement... Also steam is not a very good source as millions can simply install that if they wish... Even very very casual gamers. We don't actually have a number for how many people on pc play games at 1080 on max settings or higher.

Difference between steam and consoles. Steam is free so anyone can install it without ever or rarely using it and those peoples specs are included.

Ysmir67231798d ago

Most can.Extremely easy to run at 4k.

KiwiViper851798d ago

"the reply system seems to be broken" haha, you must be new here...

There are 3 tiers of comments, the first and second have a reply button, but the third tier doesn't... It has to stop somewhere.

"broken" lol

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FlameBaitGod1799d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

If you have a race, Lancer vs Bugatti and the guy in the Bugatti doesn't move from second gear... is that a fair race ? Whats the point of the race then if they are not giving it their max.

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uth111798d ago

Articles like this means they get more views and clicks?

Big_Game_Hunters1798d ago

Soy and MS pay them so their consoles dont look weak.

Volkama1798d ago

Aren't they run by Gamestop?. So with a shiny tinfoil hat on, Gamestop could have a mandate to promote console versions over PC versions. Or at least not emphasise the opposite. I don't think Overwatch has a physical release on PC (and even if it does, PC gamers don't really buy such things).

Or more likely it's just a minor drama over nothing.

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SenorFartCushion1799d ago

Uuuuuugh so apparently Youtube likes are trending fact machines now?

instantstupor1799d ago

When the fact they are supporting is "GameSpot are receiving a lot of hate for their deceiving PS4/PC Video" count on that specific video seems to be a pretty good source lol.

But one thing that doesn't make sense is the title of the video is "gameplay comparison", not "graphics comparison". Why do people get bent out of shape about such stupid things anyway.

1799d ago
game4funz1798d ago

True it's not a big deal. Maybe journalists should be more encouraged to lie.

Why tell the truth when lying can get you more clicks

Warpaint1798d ago

Apparently, no one cared about it until Total Biscuit blasted the video (it was uploaded March 31st). Now his sheep are blasting it too

NapalmSanctuary1799d ago

We live in the age of mob rule and the hecklers veto, bro. What do you expect?

PizzaSteve1799d ago

Messed up generation we live in now. Glad I grew up in the 90's when it was more fun and less complaints.

Whymii1799d ago

You should have seen the 70's and 80's. I was born late 60's and I'm still growing up.

SenorFartCushion1798d ago

Just makes it worse for us.

We have gone from the "this."

Someone called me a ps4 fanboy for saying the whole reaction to a video was embarrassing to me lol

Remember when gaming was fun? Back then?

Pledius1799d ago

when the ratio between like/dislike is THAT much different.

Yes it is.

SenorFartCushion1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Who cares? None of this is important to us adults.

It's the same with that Metal Gear Solid and CoD IW crap:

Konami don't make games for the west anymore so likes:dislikes on a website Japanese people rarely use such as Youtube is not going to affect them


Call of Duty's Modern Warfare remaster plan WILL WORK and YOU will be queuing up at midnight to buy them both. If you don't, you will still fork out money for Modern Warfare remastered when that is sold seperately.

Win win for them = stop whining for no reason.

Pledius1798d ago


I never said it's important or not important

you said "Uuuuuugh so apparently Youtube likes are trending fact machines now?"

I'm merely answer to that question. I don't know where you're getting this idea that I think it's important cause I didn't say anything about it

stop making assumption on things I never said. I merely answer to the question you brought up and now you're changing subject

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Poroz1799d ago

GameSpot just sucks in general..