PS4: 12 Hardest Platinum Trophies Nobody Unlocked

Those trophies? They're filled with TEARS.

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TheColbertinator1805d ago

One of my old buddies had 2 interesting trophies.

White Knight Chronicles which required a thousand hours of annoying grinding.

Leisure Suit Larry PS3 which was one of the most annoying games of all time for me.

DeadManMMX1805d ago

I have the platinum for Bloodborne. It was a challenge but it wasn't too bad I guess. Hardest part was that corrupted chalice dungeon going through with half health. I love seeing the super low percentages on some of these platinum's.

DarXter1805d ago

Agreed, bloodbornes platinum was perfect in that it merely took to explore the game in full. No repetitive grinding or such required.

pyroxxx1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Well I did have to grind I think,.. That damn Watcher flaming dog in one of chalice dungeons made me have basically 55+ Vitality or something,.. Basically 90 percent of it's attacks 1- Shot me. But it was still fun... also high Vigor made everything else easy.
Witcher3 and catch them all( get all the cards) bronze ,.. that was not fun at all. Pain in the ass replaying that.

acemonkey1805d ago

Bloodborne i have plat, plat star wars, havent went back to play evil within ( but i heard its hell), havnt played, havent played, plat injustice on ps3 havent really played it on ps4 but its doable, never played, never played, bought but never played yet, got but fuck that leader board trophy and havent played..most of these games or are just hard but not impossible/ nobody has unlocked lol

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