Will You Get PS4 “Neo” Even If You Have Zero Interest in VR?

It seems obvious that a big reason a new PlayStation 4 exists is because of virtual reality. But if you’ve got no interest in VR, do you still want PS4K?

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Thatguy-3101806d ago

Well I usually buy the remodeled version of consoles from past generations when they release so it being somewhat of a small boast which will help games perform better is a no brainer now.

jobboy1806d ago

1080p @60 fps, day one for me!

slavish01806d ago

if current games are patched and we get [email protected] or better then [email protected]$ yes!

Hk85karlsson1805d ago

Hell yes! Plus Sony (rumour) have said that a patch should be implemented before October (for older games) so I am pretty damn hopeful =)

I hope "Neo" and "Scorpio" and even the "NX" will all have the same computing power so the power debate dies down. And the focus will be games/exclusives.

ApocalypseShadow1806d ago

So much BSing in this article that it's not even funny. Getting ridiculous now.

**We’ve known for a while that the standard PS4 can’t handle VR**

Get the F out of here. Developers, journalists and gamers who have PLAYED it already were having no problems having fun with it. Complete nonsense. No developer making games has come out and said "nope.""This thing sucks." "Can't do proper VR on it." Not one.

**which is why PSVR comes with that Wii-shaped box that provides a necessary boost**.... More B***S***!

There is no extra power in the box. It processes audio and projects video to the screen like an A/V transmitter. Another lie. Saying "Neo" is coming to do VR is more speculation and rumor with no facts. Rumors about Neo being for the core PlayStation gamer. More like graphics whores,dual owner PS4/PC elitists and Xbox fans trying to cause rifts because Microsoft is getting their @ss kicked with all that money they are supposed to have.

The specs I've seen don't even qualify as some huge upgrade. Especially compared to top PCs even though consoles aren't even in competition with PCs. They're closed systems. It almost looks like ultra hd/ bluray/4K upscale power. Not "let's make better VR power."

It'll be funny the reaction of gamers if they DON'T announce a console. Acting like current gaming is already done while not even playing upcoming games like ace combat, Detroit, Horizon, GT,etc. Uncharted 4 proved there is power even if you have to meet development deadlines. And what if developers make 1080p/30fps on the new "neo?" Will you lambast the developers for not giving you 60fps? If it's playable,stable and fun, I don't give an F if it's 30/60/90/120.Some gamers need to get their priorities in check. And article writers need to go back to school on FACT checking. It's getting monotonous.

Yi-Long1805d ago

I assume the upgrade just improves the secondary functions, like FullHD replay saves, perhaps some faster loading, etc.
I don't believe Sony will want to split their current PS4 user-base between those with an old PS4, and those with a much more powerful new PS4, which could affect the games being made for that old version.

DigitalRaptor1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Gamers are once again proving that they know more than the average "journalist" in this industry.

Having read it, that is some pretty disgusting and misinforming journalism right there. I'm surprised Arthur Gies hasn't decided to write an article spreading such BS. I suppose it's only a matter of time.

Aenea1805d ago

Funny thing is, people who keep saying that the Neo is for VR are forgetting that the same leaks explicitly stated that games released in future should be playable both on the PS4 and the Neo, PSVR games run on the console, not the headset so this goes for VR games as well...

Yes, the Neo can improve graphics and framerate for non-VR games so it's logical it can do the same for VR games as well, doesn't mean those VR games can't run on the base PS4...

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