The Xbox Scorpio Represents A Unique Opportunity For The Xbox Brand To Recover From Launch Disaster

Microsoft's mid generation reboot could be far more significant than Sony's PS4 NEO.

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Fin_The_Human1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Nah the Neo specs are too weak to compete with the Scorpio.

The NX does not even want to mess with the Scorpio which is why it's staying out of E3.

Jburr - I will take on your bet....if the Neo specs are more powerful than the Scorpio I will leave N4G, I am a man of my words - but if they are not then you need to publicly apologize to me for being such a pessimist.

Smieman - bro all you have to do is google both Neo and Scorpio and you will get your proof, AMD pretty much confirmed both consoles are real and the specs advantage goes to the Scorpio.

Dead Oreo - Savage!!! Kudos to you good sir.

Lord of cider - you need to ask the Sony fanboys that question since GT Sport is lacking features due to not having enough powah to do full VR.

Tech Head - E3 is right around the corner and hope to still you in here preaching your tech propaganda after the aftermath...don't want that Crow pie to get too cold.

Jburr941801d ago

I bet Scorpio isn't gonna be stronger just like Xbox One was supposed to have 2 times more ram. Also power advantage did not hurt the PS2 one bit :)

SmielmaN1801d ago

I didn't know Sony and MS confirmed these two new consoles. I missed that. Can you link me to official specs? I would like to check it out.

Confirmed only please. No rumor stuff.

DeadlyOreo1801d ago

Fin the human

Never go full fanboy man.

Lord_of_Cinder1801d ago

So, after 3 years preaching "power doesn't matter", people are betting on "power" to turn the tides against Sony?

Why the u turn and double standards?

iTechHeads1801d ago

Not really.
Rumors say Scorpio is aiming for 5-6 TF.(Keyword: Aiming)
Rumors say Neo is aiming for 4.1 TF. (Keyword: Aiming)

Say PS4 Neo is at 4.1 while Scorpio is at 5 TF. They are very much in the same ballpark. And considering both consoles will be held back by their original PS4/XB1, the specs themselves aren't going to be maxed out. The Scorpio could be 50 TF and it wouldn't do it any good with the XB1 holding it back.

objdadon1801d ago

The neo, if true, is a 1.5 system, not a ps5. Phil spencer already said he doesn't want to make a 1.5 system. The scorpio, if true, is the next gen xbox. All the neo is is sony's slim. It is not the ps5. They're not the same thing. Microsoft is starting next gen a early again like they did when ps2 was killing, that is all.

kneon1801d ago

We don't know the specs of either machine. But Sony being primarily a hardware company probably has multiple designs up for consideration, so perhaps a $400 and a $600 model. If they are smart they will let Microsoft go first.

BlackTar1871801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Lol neo is bad for games slap in the original user base face horrible for current ps 4 users and dangerous to the hobby. Scorpio is none if these things it's amazing thanks ms for moving on so quick you saved us. You guys are jokes of the video game community and just like ms you xbox fans are a cancer to the industry.

Why o why1801d ago

Lol @ black tar

I thought I was the only one who noticed the double standards and hypocrisy. Funny to see all those with hate and faux concern becoming approving and hopeful overnight. Entertainment

1801d ago
trooper_1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

How are specs confirmed when the two consoles haven't been announced and they're still considered rumors?

The XB1 has no identity. There's no variety in games and most of the games that ARE available are for PC, which makes it pointless to buy an XB1.

But you know, I do like when the Neo got completely trashed whole this 'Scorpio' is the best thing ever.

Inzo1801d ago

Its not just about power(something the PS2 proved very very convincingly) its about quality of games which MS just doesn't have.

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sammarshall1021801d ago

That's what you're wishing for but it's very unlikely that will happen

Aloy-Boyfriend1801d ago

I don't have to wish for that. It does nothing to me, unlike you being bittter about Uncharted reviews. Get a brain

And this idea can be very riski for both companies. I'm not totally convinced, but we shall see.

game4funz1801d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

What grave?
Am I missing something or is it not selling as fast ot faster then Xbox 360.

There were no talks of Graves then and not sure why there would be now.

No Xbox one did not release worldwide at launch. Check your facts

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lelo2play1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

The idea to recover is simple, but difficult to execute. AAA exclusives help sell consoles. Microsoft need more AAA exclusives... much more AAA exclusives.
Just by comparing the X1 and PS4 in 2016, Sony are launching way more exclusives for their console then Microsoft.

JoeDG1801d ago

Common ps4 in 2.5 years has only 2 really big exklusives.. bloodborne & uncharted 4.
The key is like 360 better multiplats in comparison to ps4/k
Players how loves jrpg always has buy ps.
Multiplats resolution and fps will be the key...

Goldby1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Im sorry but ps4 will still win. If you can get the same games as everyone else AND exclusives, that will sell more than just better looking (not much better because remember has to be able to play on all consoles) multiplatform games.

The exclusives coming out to playstation completely eclipse the xbix line up thats exclusive. Nms alone will put any space game and the sacred minecraft MS paid so much money for to shame

Also seemed to forget MLB The Show, infamous, disgaea 5, the order, planetside 2, resogun

Trez12341801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Only two big exclusive? Do you realise that infamous second son sold more than 2 mil and is well rated too? Not even gonina mention other games like until dawn , dragon quest heroes, driveclub etc.... you keep dreaming and believe the Internet while playstation owners are actually buying and playing exclusive games.

Uncharted 4 and bloodborne are just outstanding games, doesn't mean they are the only two big exclusive because I'm pretty sure you won't know what makes a game " big".

On topic tho, Microsoft can definitely improve their image and only games can do that.

Aenea1801d ago

True, true, only 2 really big exclusives on the PS4! But that's better than ZERO really big exclusives on the X1!

See, I can go all crazy fan too and say nonsense! :p

JoeDG1801d ago

I own both with 80% of the games on ps4 because of resolution and friends.
And what u are doing on a scorpio article? U are only her to say sony is the better company?
Both give a shit about us. They only want to make money.

jb2271801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Correction, PS4 has at least 2 undeniable classics. Bloodborne & UC4 aren't just "big exclusives", they are both their own respective high water marks for this gen.

Xbox One doesn't have a single game in that realm of quality. Some tastes may vary, maybe Halo 5 is the most fun you ever had with a game, but the general consensus is exactly that, and there isn't a single XBO exclusive that approaches the universal praise that those games got. Sunset Overdrive is the only title on the XBO that comes close, but even it falls short.

All I see in terms of software is the same thing we saw last gen, MS starts off strong while Sony starts slower, then they are ships passing in the night as Sony keeps cranking out quality exclusives even after the gen is finished while MS gave up on games a long time prior....all the while a fair few of the best of those early Xbox exclusives end up hitting the PS, bolstering that catalog even further (RotTR, Titanfall, etc.). For as much as people praise Phil for turning the Xbox around, I'm still not seeing much of a change in the day to day in terms of exclusive content. E3 will be very interesting on all sides. I honestly think this E3 Sony will pull far ahead in terms of new content. I just don't see MS announcing many new titles that aren't expected. Forza & Dead Rising 4 will be their showpiece new announcements, possibly Battletoads, then a lot of catching up & actually showing the stuff they announced last year. The rumors we've heard around Sony's camp alone blows that out of the water really in terms of games...interesting to open world post apocalyptic IP, new GoW, potentially a Spidey exclusive...all megaton material.

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Bruh1801d ago

Except exclusives don't sell consoles, there isn't one exclusive game on either PS4 or Xbox One that has outsold a FIFA or COD game on just that platform alone. People buy these consoles for the multi-platform games and where their friends are playing. Exclusives are just icing on the cake

game4funz1801d ago

But but but... Exclusives..... Yea you're right. Wish the fans would wash the mud out of their eyes and recognize the truth.

notachance1801d ago

'where their friends are playing' is actually the Xbox's bane rather than exclusive games.
Outside of NA/UK XBL is a barren wasteland compared to PSN. PS already established its install base all the way since PS1 era. I don't know about other countries but in my country the word 'console' is already synonymous with 'playstation', and XB1 having inferior multiplats performance and way less exclusive games aren't helping either..

trooper_1801d ago

Exclusives DO sell consoles. Gee, I wonder how Uncharted 4 sold that many units...oh wait.

Bruh1801d ago


Funny though that even PS's biggest exclusive doesn't scratch the worst COD in the 8th generation ( Ghost). The market doesn't behave the way it did back in the PS2 era. The PS3 was a major success not because of its exclusives, but due to it boasting more media features and free online. Exclusives do attract a certain crowd, but not the vast majority of gamers. Once again if you can show me Infamous Second Son or Knack or DC or The Order selling more than the likes of FIFA or COD or NBA or Destiny and so on. I'll believe people do buy these systems for exclusives. But sadly that isn't the case regardless of how much of your own delusions you try to interject

Bruh1801d ago


Of course, chances are your PS4 has more friends owning and playing on it, simply because its the more popular unit. Even here in the U.S, I work at a GATE after school program for middle schoolers and most of my kids are PS4 owners. ( Owned only a Wii last-gen) So thus it does work against them and why the PS4 continues its immense success, friends of friends are saying "yo buy PS, I don't got Xbox"

Realms1801d ago

LOL. Games sell consoles yes multi platforms games sell consoles but do you honestly believe that publishers and developers are going to ignore the huge install base of the PS4 no way in hell there is to much money to be made.
Fanboys and their delusions the PS2 is proof of that but sure power will save MS when their are less and less reasons to buy a MS console. You want real power build a PC much better option if power is what you want.

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3-4-51801d ago

* How do we know that these new consoles aren't just the next gen consoles that will release in 2019 and these "neo/scorpio" consoles are just maybe a smaller slimmer upgraded PS4/XB1 ?

luckytrouble1801d ago

Yeah, things sound a little off here. A mid-gen upgrade literally makes no sense. That is not how the home console market works. Incremental updates with varying spec requirements is PC and defeats the ease of use and simplicity of consoles for the end user. I have a feeling people are highly speculating on next gen systems, which, let's face it, could very well be coming in 2017. When this gen started, it was acknowledged that it likely would not last as long as last gen, and would in all likelihood stick closer to a four year lifespan.

Hell, the way people describe that way it would work is literally a generation jump. I get that we have a hard time thinking of generational differences at this point because we just won't see jumps like we used to, but if we see a big power bump relative to the current ability of home consoles, that means new gen, not an update. When you consider that the PS4 and Xbox One were already kind of weak for when they launched in 2013, it makes sense that we would be pushing towards a new generation for 2017.

kneon1801d ago

The ease of use and simplicity are not at all affected by the release of upgraded consoles. And console upgrades every few years are likely going to be the norm from now on given that they are essentially PC based architecture. They will just ride along with the APU updates from AMD and release a faster machine every few years that is fully backwards compatible. Meanwhile the older machine will continue to be supported for some time, I would expect for at least a few years after they cease production.

Fin_The_Human1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Because leaks/ rumors never happen this early in the current gen.

Also, its no secret that the PS4 needs more power to run PSVR without sacrificing content and features....GT Sport is a good example of this - Sony needs the Neo now.

Developers have been confirmed to be working on XBox VR games and we all know that the XB1 is no where near running VR since its under powered.... So yeah MS needs a new console which is a 6 teraflop monster code named the Scorpio.

MRMagoo1231801d ago

they aren't known to be working on Xbox vr games they are known to be working on vr Xbox one games the conference even says vr and Xbox one not just Xbox. if it did just say Xbox they may mean pc using the Xbox windows 10 junk and not even the console anyway.

with all that said I thought vr was a waste of time and wouldn't catch on but now there is a hint ms may be doing vr you are all flipping like the fish you are. the same as power doesn't matter now you guys think the Scorpio if it exists is more powerful it's a good thing 😂

if you read the rumours about the console it's going to be about 4.8 tflops not 6 anyway going by 4 times the power that is rumoured.

jrshankill1801d ago

MrMagoo really sounds like the defensive type eh? Worried are we?

Trez12341801d ago

So now GT is an example? What content is it sacrificing when we just found out it actually has a lot of content?

You're already claiming a victory for xbox based on rumours mate. What happen to " cloud" or " power doesn't mean anything " ? You guys change your views just like xbox changes is ways.

RosweeSon1800d ago

Gt sports content or lack of is nothing to do with the hardware. Gran turismo 6 was on PS3 and was huge I'm sure they could have put a lot more into GT sports on a launch ps4 they've just chosen to launch it ASAP and if they are doing that they won't be banging a full on career in it... Future updates like the previous had could add Allsorts of extra cars and tracks tho and think majority was free.

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iTechHeads1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Because they're not.

All the rumors and leaks have specifically stated that the consoles are just more powerful versions of the current gen consoles. We already have leaked documentation for the Neo at the very least. The console will not have any exclusives. It will just run PS4 but....better/prettier. Scorpio is still very early in development with rumors pointing to a release in late 2017 but I'm assuming the Scorpio will follow Sony's business model with the Neo. (Still an Xbox One, just better)

Aenea1801d ago

We have articles that talk about that they've seen leaked documentation and what's supposedly in them. The documents themselves haven't been leaked which is odd to say the least, I would at least expect a picture of those documents or at least a part of it to show it's real....

BossBattle1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

It's an opportunity to show people that resolution and fps is not what makes gaming fun. I just can't wait to see comparisons between the PS4 Neo vs Xbox Scorpio. When it was PS4 vs X1 fanboys acted like the difference was soooo noticeable. Let's see if they'll admit the difference between the Neo vs Scorpio...probably not.

iTechHeads1801d ago

Neither Neo nor Scorpio have specs set in stone. You'd be wise to stop claiming victories this early.

MRMagoo1231801d ago

the consoles aren't even confirmed to be true let alone the specs. but the specs suggest the new xbone will be 4.8tflops max so not the 6 the fanboys seem to be wetting themselves about.

lastking951801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Claiming victory? Of what? You practically admitted you're a console war warrior of ps (everyone knew that already tho) lol. You ppl are something else. Instead of enjoying games you're hating and praying bad for others console of choice. SMDH

Aenea1801d ago

It will indeed be fun to see all those Xbox fans now suddenly claiming that resolution and fps *is* important!

game4funz1801d ago

It's not. Why would it be fun... It would be sad.
Fps is important... Without fps your game doesn't run and it can affect the playability of the game.
Resolution has never been hugely important.

jrshankill1801d ago

But havent all PS4 fanboys cried that Res and fps is important since launch?

1801d ago
sammarshall1021801d ago

Resolution still isn't important but better textures and lighting are

Bring on the Scorpio!

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ShadowKnight1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

And then Sony will release the PS5 lol.

1801d ago
ShadowKnight1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

Yup they will release the PS5 in 2018. Neo is just a PS4 with a minor update.

RosweeSon1800d ago

Not for another 3-4 years minimum they consistently sell over 100 million consoles per generation excluding the PS3 which had some major competiton from Xbox.
Things have changed again tho but sorry if you think they are gonna release a next gen Playstation5 in the next 1-2 years your seriously deluded... They've only just hit 40 million they will continue for at least another 2-3 years until this number is doubled if not tripled ie back like the ps1/ps2 days.
Neo end of this year early next year for some territories no doubt, PS vr is gonna launch, Shenmue 3, final fantasy 7 (not that I'm too bothered about that one) in 2017. They have plenty to keep them going easily until 2020/2021 especially if they are launching a bigger better (NOT next gen) model within 6 months or so... That'll be around for bare minimum another 2 years, original ps4 s smashing it they not jumping ship anytime soon, Sony have even said they don't know if a ps5 will happen? Bollocks of course because of course a ps5 will happen... Not for another 3-4 years in my opinion. 8-10 year console cycles and all.
I can assure you there will be no official talk of ps5's until Sony get their ps4 sales up above what they achieved with PS3 and somewhere towards ps1/2 sales territory, they've not worked that hard to get themselves a massively successful console to then drop it within 3 years... The Neo if that's what it becomes is gonna be more in the style of a "New" Nintendo 3ds XL renovation not revolution. Faster smoother slightly better not a whole new generation... EA, Ubisoft and activision Etc are gonna jump ship and go next gen before they've barely probably started on this gen hence why they were so reluctant to leave last gen with their yearly crap..
Ps4/ps4.5-Neo not gonna get phased out for a good 3-4 years unless there is something seriously wrong with it.