PS4.5 – 10 Things That Will Convince Me To Buy One

"E3 2016 will more or less decide how gaming consoles will be released in the future. With Sony's expected reveal of the PS4.5 I list down the 10 things it needs to have to convince me to buy one."

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abra5111803d ago

backward compatible wit ps1 2 and 3
i would buy that!!!

RashBandicoot1803d ago

It's more of a dream point but if they can pull it off it would make it the ultimate PlayStation.

XisThatKid1802d ago

When they start making games exclusively for it or content that can only be played on it. I MAY eventually get it if these exploitive things never happen but I doubt that won't happen.

uGLYmE1803d ago

Won't happen. Too much invested in the ps now platform.

Plus, they've done the research and people buy new consoles for new games. Microsoft went the route they did so they could at least tout one thing the One does better than PS4.

RashBandicoot1803d ago

But it's still a major feature that would make the PS4.5 feel more attractive so Yea.

magiciandude1802d ago

"Won't happen. Too much invested in the ps now platform."

"Plus, they've done the research and people buy new consoles for new games."

Yeah that is exactly why PSNow exists...

BoriboyShoGUN1802d ago

2TB hard drive!! plus additional power would definitely nudge me in the direction of upgrading !!!

PistolsAtDawn1803d ago

As long as the future consoles maintain the same ecosystem and have a form of forward/backward compatibility (obviously there will be a limit to forward compat), then I can't see any negatives. That being said, I will be grabbing all the new consoles, Scorpio, Neo and NX....but I get that not every gamer has enough income to do such things.

RashBandicoot1802d ago

In the end people will vote with their wallets. If Sony notices people buying into this trend they will follow up with it.

RashBandicoot1803d ago

I thought PS4 can already do video 4K playback or am I missing something?

opinionated1802d ago

Can it? Is there a difference between a 4K bluray and a UHD HDR bluray? I bought a couple UHD HDR blurays and I'm still waiting on a UHD player. If so that would be awesome.

DrewMetals1802d ago

It can play 4K media, but not the 4K UHD blu rays

jc121802d ago

Stonewall: There are UHD Blu ray players on the market right now. The Samsung k8500 is out, as well as the Panasonic DMP UB-900.

opinionated1802d ago

Ohh ok thanks drew.

Yeah but if I'm going to spend 300 on a stand alone UHD bluray player I might as well wait to see if the ps4k has it.

DarXyde1802d ago

This was a pretty good list. I find that the video creator's wants overlapped considerably with my own.

KillZallthebeast1802d ago

Someone with proof it exists would be a good start

RashBandicoot1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Based on all the leaks and confirmation from various devs this is all but confirmed. I myself managed to get insider confirmation that this thing is real. Of course it's never official till it's revealed but by this point it's definitely happening one way or the other.

PizzaSteve1802d ago

Well Sony hasn't denied it yet so I think it's happening.

1802d ago
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