Damian Wayne-led Batman & Suicide Squad Games Allegedly in Development

Rumors suggest that a Suicide Squad game and a Damian Wayne-led Batman game are both in production at Warner Bros. and we might learn more soon.

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Imp0ssibl31806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Yess! The trailers have been hilarious, I hope they plan to keep that dark humor in the game :)

-Foxtrot1806d ago

I hope the game actually is a Suicide Squad game and does not look or has any part of the films

I want the game to be a proper Suicide Squad game with the comic book outifts and tone.

ccgr1806d ago

For the most part, the Batman video games have been good, wouldn't mind another great entry to the series

Aurenar1806d ago

Damian Wayne? Can't stand him. There is only one Batman, and it's Bruce!

Alexious1806d ago

True. I always prefer the original identities of all superheroes rather than any of the variations.

ravens521806d ago

There's only one Batman. But Damian is a badass mothafucka!

Count_Bakula1806d ago

It may give us some pretty sick story and morally ambiguous gameplay mechanics though, but I agree.

Tdmd1806d ago

I feel the same way. But a Suicide Squad game could be very cool.

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Garethvk1806d ago

Hope they sre better than some of the recent Batman efforts.

mzupeman1806d ago

This french site addictedto stole my story from here and sprinkled some assumptions in there:


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The story is too old to be commented.