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In the end, The Climb was an exhilarating Virtual Reality experience for me. I highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking for a challenging game and are not afraid of heights or bats. The asking price of $50 is a bit steep, but there’s a lot of replay ability with beating your score and trying to locate the hidden camera and other Easter eggs in all of the levels. If you find The Climb on sale, we recommend scooping it up.

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Alexious1806d ago

10? Wow, that's a lot of praise. I think I'd be sick if I played this game

ccgr1806d ago

whooops meant to be 84% thanks!

PeaSFor1806d ago

"its not a good game" -jeff gerstman

Psychotica1806d ago

I wish this could be played without a VR device, I would buy it immediately.

ccgr1806d ago

Hopefully it comes to other platforms, I know many Vive owners would enjoy this game as well

kraenk121806d ago

As far as I know it's only a timed exclusive.