5 Reasons Super Mario Sunshine Sucks!

Dash Bomber writes, "Super Mario Sunshine released on the GameCube about a decade ago, and it is still considered one of the most polarizing games in the history of Mario. The tale of how some potentially colorblind people pinned a crime on Mario during his visit to Isle Delfino is one shared amongst many gamers. It’s practically safe to say that if you owned a GameCube you will have at least heard of this game at some point or another. Whether it was through Tyler and his friend Josh’s Versus Channel on YouTube or one of the many let’s play out there, it’s almost impossible to be unaware of this game existence. But, does it truly warrant all of the accolades that it received from critics at the time? I mean it certainly looked beautiful, but were they just blinded by nostalgia when they rated it? Perhaps they were, these are the 5 reasons why Super Mario Sunshine sucks."

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EddieNX 1803d ago

Sunshine is an outstanding game! Would love to see it properly remastered.

KentBenMei1802d ago

It's the best 3D Mario game and one of the best overall Mario games. Heck, I'd put it in my top 50 games no problem.