Chrono Trigger - Is a remake on the way?

Former producer and senior manager of Square Enix, Takashi Tokita, said that he's interested in doing a remake of Chrono Trigger.

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NukaCola1803d ago

I honestly would love an HD polish with an updated overlay of super high rez lighting effects and added cool stuff. Sort of like FF1/2 on PSP

KentBenMei1802d ago

A CT HD Remaster would be awesome.

Fullmetalevolust1802d ago

Oh man, I hope so. Give it to the studio that handled I am Setsuna, they seem to have replicated parts of the charm of Chrono Trigger. Just revamp the sound and graphics, add some DLC for additional story arc, but don't touch the actual story.

GrubsterBeater1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Well, I Am Setsuna is the spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger, and was created by the same people who worked on all those old, amazing JRPGs, but a remake seems unlikely considering they just made I Am Setsuna instead of a Chrono Trigger remake or another sequel because Square Enix is involved in I Am Setsuna's development.

On the topic of Chrono Trigger, there is another game for PS4/Vita that is releasing soon called 'Cosmic Star Heroine' that looks and plays just like Chrono Trigger. It is only 15 bucks and comes out in June or July I believe. If you love Chrono Trigger like I do, then you should definitely have a looksie.

On the topic of your comment regarding a "revamp/additional DLC", I believe that would be pretty awesome (even though Chrono Trigger is already perfect), but I think that if anyone tried touching that game, they would feel it necessary to ruin it by completely changing everything and ruining it. Unless of course Tokyo JRPGS Factory were to have a go at it (they are the studio making I Am Setsuna).

KentBenMei1802d ago

I Am Setsuna being made has no impact on the likelyhood of a Chrono Trigger remaster.

Also, as much as I love Chrono Trigger it isn't perfect (it's a 9.9 because of nitpicks). Too many recycled assets is the number one issue, but it has also aged (though gracefully, cracks show) in several ways, notably sound effects. A remaster is perfect for it. Voice acting, orchestral soundtrack, HD anime graphic done by Akira Toriyama, ect, it would be the definitive version! I hope it comes soon.

Also, a Chrono Cross remake and finally Chrono Break, please.

Yetter1802d ago

Well I've beaten this game about 20 times and would gladly pay for it again and do it all over again

freshslicepizza1802d ago

a remaster or a new game would be awesome news

1802d ago
S-Word1802d ago

I'd be ok with this if it isn't episodic.

sdcard4gb1802d ago

Chrono Trigger has much less cutscenes and exposition then FFVII so I think that's out of the question.

_-EDMIX-_1802d ago

Not sure I agree.

If we are talking about wishful thinking....the sure, day 1 the whole game, but if Square doesn't have such money for such a vast remake, I'd rather get a quality remake over time, then a rushed remake just to have you get it in 1 buy.

At the end of the day, its not as if it won't be repacked anyway as a full thing. Either wait anyway.

I'd rather have a quality game with a good amount of time in development ,if that means episodic, then so be it. No one needs to buy it in that format either, you can wait for the final repackaging even if its episodic, but like I still wait in the end anyway. Why get less quality faster?

KentBenMei1802d ago

I wouldn't be against episodic but it just wouldn't be ideal. I will take Chrono in any way I can get it, though.

XXXL1802d ago

Please yes. GOAT. Love this game

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