The Real Reason Mobile Games Are Terrible

Mobile games have always had a bad reputation precisely after everyone does playing Snake II. Those shallow, addictive experiences blighted by extortionate in-app purchases and naked opportunism mean that some gamers don’t just not consider them real games; they want to rid the world of them.

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nuckfuggets1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

for me the real reson for the mobile games to be terrible that they dont make a single player game any more . mini transactions . rpgs are very effed up . some of the games are very good . but mostly suk . i mean have you ever played mortal kombat x on android ? lolllll

1804d ago
Stereotypical_gamer1804d ago

All that plus glass controllers really suck.

donwel1803d ago

"i mean have you ever played mortal kombat x on android ?"
Yes, I have and by god I wish I hadn't. The graphics are nice looking but there's next to zero gameplay, all it is, is, tap tap tap. That's it that's all you do.
Now I'm angry and slightly depressed again. Thanks nuckfuggets.

nuckfuggets1803d ago

pleasure is all mine ... oh and same goes for the injustice god's among us game on android .. and that wrestlemania immortals or something lol

its tap tap tap and slide too :D lol

donwel1802d ago

Ugh, yeah I played Injustice as well, got them both free through that amazon underground thing. Good job too because if I'd paid money for them I'd have been really angry.
As far as I see it they can barely be called games with such a minimal amount of interaction and they most certainly don't require any skill.

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ccgr1804d ago

It's all the in app purchases!

nuckfuggets1804d ago

yea ./. like Kanye said

fuk you if you put in app purchases into a Kid's App

1803d ago
NukaCola1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

I wish I could pay $60 for Kingdom Hearts Unchained Xi or Simpsons Tapped out, not $1000000000 to experience it all over the coarse of it's tenor.. Or waiting s days to have the energy to play a level.. :/

trywizardo1804d ago

I'm happy with my android games,One Piece treasure ,Chaos Rings 3 ,monument valley and soon final fantasy mobius :D
The only gam left for me to play is infinite blade but its only for IOS and I HATE IPHONEs AND IPADs.

KaladinStormblessed1803d ago

What about Vainglory? Probably the best mobile game out there. It's a pro esport and everything.

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