PlayStation VR can do more than just Gaming

Virtual reality is shaping up to be revolution in gaming because of the impact it has on presence – players feel like they are actually present at the in-game location; which leads to a more immersive gaming experience. And Sony has cleverly identified that virtual reality technology can have advantages beyond gaming.

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ApocalypseShadow1796d ago

There is so much potential for PSVR when it comes out. Spectator mode while watching others play games. Let's say someone is playing MLB the show or NBA 2K or Fifa and you are a spectator in the stands. If a virtual seat is open, you can jump to that seat and watch. Root for the home team or heckle the batter or pitcher.

Or do that at real games with virtual 360 cameras and pay an admission fee. Any sport, any concert, any tour, etc. Sony could really leverage their ownership and have virtual concerts of their artists beamed straight to PS4 as exclusive.

Or virtually see what it's like to be on the ISS space station and see Earth below. Or a virtual Mars tour or solar system tour like the titans app. Virtual skydiving, virtual scuba diving,, virtual sightseeing either live or high definition 360 videos.

As for media, Netflix is always mentioned. But never Sony's movies on the store. Not only that, but no one mentions the fact that Sony now does content streaming with PlayStation Vue. You could watch that on a 200+ inch virtual screen. Or PlayStation now on the big screen besides PS4 games. Hulu, YouTube, Vevo music videos, etc.

Only the tip of the iceberg on what's possible that compliments VR gaming. The fact that I can pay less than $500 but view a virtual screen that's larger than those 100+ inch TVs is awesome potentially.

kraenk121795d ago

The only problem with that huge screen is its resolution is only half of 1080p!

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Goldby1795d ago

Yes because resultion is everything. It has a better screen than oculus

jessionpc1795d ago


Hahahaha, better than Oculus?

Are you... .... .... ....?

No. No my friend, it is... DEFINITELY not a better looking screen than Oculus...

My... Fucking gawd... Fanboys! JESUS!

Lord_of_Cinder1795d ago

Here you have it folks. From the people who said "resolution doesn't matter" and " fps > resolution".

TFJWM1795d ago

@jessionpc Most people that have used both have said that PS VR has a crisper picture with less of a screen door effect.

As for which screen is "better" I have no idea but a case can be made either way I guess.

Sony has a Full RGB with 3 sub pixels vs Rift's PenTile screen with 2 sub pixels
Rift: 2160x1200x2 = 5,184,000
PSVR: 1920x1080x3 = 6,220,800 (~20% higher!)

PSVR's screen also supports 120fps compared to 90 in the Rift.

Rift's screen still might be better but you are acting like it blows away Sony VR's which it does not

amiga-man1795d ago

People like jessionpc show just how naive some people are, Sony have been leaders in display technology for years and have probably more experience than anyone in using that tech, the display Sony uses is far more suitable for VR than either the Vive or Occulus as TFJWM points out and compares very well considering it is actually operating at a lower resolution.

I would recommend a little research before you comment on something you know nothing about jessionpc

kraenk121795d ago

Why do I get disagrees for stating a fact?!


The PSVR screen IS superior tech to the Oculus and Vive. It's only the resolution that is slightly lower. The screen tech is quite a bit better with higher refresh rate and no screen door effect.

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Goldby1795d ago

Sony has thr playstation theatre which theyve set up vr cameras in it for concert events and everything. Psvr users will be able to enjoy sony concerts fro. The comfort of their own home soon enough. May not sound like much but its just the beginning

Thatguy-3101796d ago

Bring back Home or something similar to it. VR can thrive as a hub place where gamers can meet up and chat it up or do things together like play mini games, watch movies in some type of theater mode etc.

ApocalypseShadow1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

That actually sound cool. You mean like in home where we were all sitting in the same virtual theater watching content. I would add though the possibility of democratic kick out. Person acts a fool, majority vote kicks them out or mutes their mic.

And parlor games like darts, pool. Virtual chess, checkers, etc. Yeah. Cool stuff.

jessionpc1795d ago

Home was one of the greatest thing I ever seen, I can't BELIEVE they didn't do a remake for PS4. TONS of people loved it. It was like... The PS community's meeting ground in a social universe...

Just running around and meeting random people from around the world, or sitting down in a park and playing chess with some random person was incredible...

Too bad...

Majin-vegeta1795d ago

I want a yugioh simulatior!!!

ArnoDorian1795d ago

That's If Konami wants to make that happen :(
Although i would prefer Yugioh to be Augmented Reality as how the show had been intended to be :)

WeAreLegion1795d ago

Reggie Watts did a live show a couple of weeks ago for VR users. It was awesome.