10 Video Games That Could Make Millions But Cancelled

Sometimes Video Game developers whole endeavors end up with no release due to numerous reasons like shortage of finance, company own internal issue and also due to contradictory views. Here I let you know about such 10 Video Games that could have been making millions of dollars but for some reason not released yet. 10. →

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Stupid1804d ago

Star Wars 1313 looks awesome but unfortunately cancelled

_-EDMIX-_1803d ago

1313 looked pretty good, but I just didn't see that game doing well considering........well LucasArts. It looked good in theory lol

Gaming_Cousin1804d ago

2 Games per page = Trash site looking for clicks

annoyedgamer1803d ago

I love these top 10 "articles" so much content..oh wait they have no content and are written in 3 minutes for quick hits.

Fist4achin1803d ago

Damn, would have loved to see agent