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LBG - "With only a few days until Mirror's Edge: Catalyst launches, let's take a look at how the trial of the game seems to be shaping up via EA Access."

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Mega241796d ago

I'm liking it for now, runs incredibly well on Ultra on a GTX 970.

gamingden1796d ago

Do you think it'll run well on a lower end machine? I've got a GTX 950?

Mega241796d ago

The minimum is a GTX 650ti, I think you could maybe run it 1080p medium, but it really depends on your whole setup. I got a i7 6700k OC'd to 4.5ghz with 16gb DDR4 ram, and frames sometimes dropped from 75 to 45~50 fps. I'd say if you have Origin Access, give it a try with the 6 hour trial.

Zorkaz1796d ago

Great to know it works well with a GTX 970! I got one just a few months back and have been worried sick ...