Gran Turismo Sport: Watch 20 Minutes of New 1080p/60 FPS Gameplay on PS4 and Plenty of Screenshots

Today Sony Interactive Entertainment broadcasted the announcement event for GT Sport in Japan from the Hikarie Hall in Shibuya, Tokyo.

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nX1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

Nice to see 2-Player splitscreen confirmed and 117 training events is an insane number which should help new players a lot.

Still they are keeping the campaign under wraps, I really hope it will be comparable to a full GT game. Will definitely buy it day1 though, GT is a must own on every console.

Abriael1353d ago

I really hope there *is* a campaign.

nX1353d ago

Wasn't it said that there will be a currency which lets you buy cars, I think you also get a bonus if you buy the special edition? That would at least suggest some form of progression system as I'm sure they wouldn't charge us the full price for an online only game.

Abriael1353d ago

It's not online only, it can be played offline, but that doesn't mean having a full campaign. So far they haven't show a pip. I guess we'll see.

IamTylerDurden11353d ago

They've stated that GT Sport WILL have a full campaign.

badz1491353d ago

Campaign is one of the mode explained by Yamauchi san himself in the video. So yeah, Campaign is definitely there. He even explained that you can get a FIA certified license for reaching a certain level or winning certain championship within the game. That is actually kinda cool. And Scapes is pretty awesome too. It's basically high level photoshop mode.

Abriael1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

@Deadpooled that's not what I mean with full campaign. That's basically a series of challenges. Sure. It's a lot of challenges and lessons, but it doesn't look like any of those is a full race.

We'll see if there's more, but that's the only thing I'm Iffy about for now.

Jburr941353d ago

There won't be, unfortunately

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1353d ago
Deadpooled1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

1.18.40 4 wide on the nordschleife straight!

amnalehu1353d ago

That was pretty epic! It was like a drag race. This is going to breathe new life into eSports. I've never enjoyed watching other people play video games so much!

Deadpooled1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Yep I was watching that video above on the nordschleife race thinking "no slipstream?" as the cars were whizzing around the corners and not overtaking the front car. Then came the straight and all hell broke loose.

Dee_911353d ago

looked so dope with the view from the chairs.Like imagine sitting there watching that

WickedLester1353d ago

Compared to it's peers, graphically this game looks like it's a bit behind on the environments. The tracks seem barren and lack fine detail. Texturing definitely looks like it's a step behind Forza 6 and PC.

nX1353d ago

...can there be just one GT article without somebody mentioning Forza?

WickedLester1353d ago

Yeah how dare we continue to compare an upcoming game with it's peers and comment on how it stacks up. I mean the unmitigated gall (rolls eyes) .

Kiwi661353d ago

Oh no someone mentioned an xbox game in a ps article , the horror of it all , quick call the mods to have them banned , oh wait nevermind as then you'd have to include all those who talk about say ps or wii-u games in an xbox article or ps/xb games in a nintendo article

trooper_1353d ago

...Yes, let's judge a game that's not even finished.

Good job.

thexmanone1353d ago

I know right, just look at what people say about Gears 4

WickedLester1352d ago

They put it out there for the public to see, of course it's going to get judged. We can only gauge it by the state it's in right now. It's not our fault the game doesn't leave a favorable impression in its current state.

1353d ago Replies(3)
Abriael1353d ago

Actually, the track looks par for the course with Forza 6's real tracks. It's less colorful than the fantasy tracks, but that's no surprise, because GT never went for the bombastic/overly colorful.

The comparison with PC is simply silly, because PC.

On the other hand, the cars look sensibly better than Forza 6's, so what's your point exactly?

WickedLester1353d ago (Edited 1353d ago )

grass and pavement textures definitely look worse than both Forza 6 and Project Cars. Also, in Forza 6 tracks have "life" to them with things like foliage blowing in the wind, birds flying over, helicopters, etc. Just little subtle things that add up. Plus the Tokyo City track in GT Sport is so lifeless and dull. Just a bunch of grey structrues surrounding a barren road. There's no roadside detail at all.

1352d ago
CaptainFaisal1353d ago

He is right, GT Sport wont have weather effects, just plain enviornment. Graphics wise its early too judge but still disapointing. Game should be delayed a year or two, and enhance graphics and add weather effects and "campaign"

shuvam091352d ago

If only you knew of the progress, you would have known that weather effects has already been confirmed by Kaz...

fr0sty1353d ago

While it is an improvement over GT6, it does lack compared to more modern racers. I guess Driveclub spoiled me... then again this is 60fps with split screen and VR, so I'm not going to complain too much.

shuvam091352d ago

Graphics are something very different to track detail...
I agree that some tracks like Tokyo kinda look drab, but not all of them can be gold...
Just look at Willow Springs....
It's bursting with life, even though it's just a desert based track...
Besides, do you remember the last driving simulation game that tried to innovate something???
Yeah, me neither...

WickedLester1352d ago

This isn't complicated shuvam09. Either a game looks next gen or it doesn't. In this particular case, GT Sport looks like a half step, which is unfortunate because in generations past, GT always impressed graphically. GT3 A-Spec blew me away on PS2. GT 5 blew me away on PS3. Now the competition has gotten much tougher and there are other racers out there that have caught up and in many ways surpassed GT. It's disappointing because it appears that Polyphony doesn't seem to be the least bit interested in at least staying current with what other racing games are doing .

shuvam091352d ago

I have several reasons to believe that GT will come good...
Driveclub is the best looking racing game till date bar none, but look at how much time it took to come on to its own...
2 freaking years, because they were too busy polishing the graphics of that game...
GT Sport did the right thing to reduce the car count, emphasizing quality over quantity for the first time...
Besides, its still 6 months away from release and that is assuming there is no further delay...
And if you are still not convinced, then you still have Project CARS and Assetto Corsa...
So its a win-win for me...

Liqu1d1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

How many of it's peers support VR?

You really expect them to make a separate graphical setting for people not using VR? Forza fanboys are so desperate, if they put as much effort into playing Forza as they do talking smack about GT then maybe they wouldn't be so salty.

WickedLester1352d ago

They're not presenting this in VR though Liqu1d. They're presenting it as a standard game. What does supporting VR have to do with how it looks/runs outside of VR? Just because a game has to make graphical sacrifices while runnin IN VR doesn't mean it has to make those same sacrifices while running out of it.

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yarbie10001353d ago

Gran Turismo has went down hill

Goldby1353d ago

Yes of course a game thats recognized by the FIA, has a training mode that lets you get an actual FIA license, has events that pay cash at championship podium events and vr is a step behind.

#2016graphicsorbust. Smh

1352d ago
Krakin11353d ago

Not as bad as your English

Dee_911353d ago

"Gran Turismo has went down hill" in terms of ?
What exactly has went "down hill" ?

Firehazard51352d ago

The graphics are a little underwhelming honestly. :/

LackTrue4K1353d ago

Sales say otherwise, I think Forza needs to step it's game up.
That game is away slacking true race car experience.

1352d ago
Germany71353d ago

No, that's Xbox One, the device without exclusives.

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Doabarrelroll1353d ago

What a surprise, a PS game looks meh to rookie

FITgamer1353d ago

N4G needs to bring back the ignore feature. It was so nice not seeing his comments before.

Germany71353d ago

He doesn't have any friends, lol.

1353d ago
ziggurcat1353d ago

I thought you were reserving your final judgment until there was a review?

Septic1353d ago

Maybe he still is? He is entitled to think the game looks meh and still reserve judgement you know...

ziggurcat1353d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Septic, if he thinks the game looks "meh", then he's already passed judgment - and he's commented well over 30 times on the game, now... and a couple of dozen times since the linked comment above. His time for reserving judgment has long since passed.

Quite frankly, I'm shocked that he hasn't edited his comment to hide what he'd said.


Rookie, you can't reserve judgment on something you've already passed judgment on countless times already. if you were truly reserving judgment, you would be abstaining from even commenting on these articles - that's what reserving judgment means.

it's interesting, though, that you think other people need to "get a life" when they nail you with your own hypocrisy... are you admitting that you have no life when you've poorly tried to catch people in a lie by quoting 5 to 7-year old comments?

Rookie_Monster1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

LMAO. Ziggercat you are trying to hard.

No different than me thinking the latest trailer for a movie still looks like [email protected] but will reserve my judgement if I am seeing the movie or not when actual reviews are out. LOL, smh at Ziggercat again. Get a life dude instead of trying to be the next inspector gadget. ROTFL

@Septic, well said. Bubbles up

Liqu1d1352d ago

Rookie and Septic still trolling GT articles, what a surprise. Neither of them play games anyway so their "opinions" are invalid.

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trooper_1353d ago

Of course it looks 'meh' to you.

WickedLester1353d ago

God, some of you need to change your tampons. Does someone's opposing viewpoint threaten you that much?

TwoForce1352d ago

You don't get it, do you ? GT series is about art, speed and precision. Forza series is about aggressive and fame. There is different between both of them.

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