5 Celebs You Never Knew Voiced Video Game Characters

It’s a dependable fact that video games are enormous business, with huge spending plans, and huge objectives. In the event that a publisher spends an entire bundle of cash for a game’s creation, there would do well to be some quite immense sales, to gain that cash back, or else everybody’s getting let go. One →

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dholakia1804d ago

Elijah Wood voiced Legend of Spyro its amazig

P_Bomb1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

5 more that come to mind for whatever reason:

Thomas Jane did the main character from 'Gun' I believe, as well as Frank Castle in the ps2/Xbox Punisher game. Nice Easter egg.

Kevin Sorbo playing Hercules in GOW3 was a nice Easter egg too.

Speaking of God of War, Michael Clarke Duncan played Atlas in that series, followed up as Blackmore in Suffering: ties that bind.

Seth Green as Joker in all three Mass Effects. Good gig.

Axl Rose as a rock DJ in GTA San Andreas. Can't complain.