Twitch reveals E3 Streaming Schedule and names Daigo as their Brand Ambassador

Twitch and Daigo Umehara, The Beast of the fighting game community have joined forces. Today, both Twitch and Daigo have revealed that he is now the new Global Brand Ambassador for the world’s leading social video platform and community for gamers. Having more than 1.7 million broadcasters, Twitch had just teamed up with AMP Energy a couple of weeks ago for a sweepstakes and Daigo just recently announced that he has joined the Red Bull team and is now on their Japanese website.

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supersonicjerry1798d ago

The man, the legend, the beast, Daigo.

Majin-vegeta1797d ago

My brother....from another mother

NotEvenMyFinalForm1797d ago

Does this mean that Daigo now has 3 sponsors? Wut?

pompombrum1797d ago

At this rate, it'll be Daigo sponsoring Capcom soon.

PizzaSteve1797d ago

Or Daigo may make enough money to buy Capcom

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