Gamers Are Justifiably Calling Out The Mainstream Gaming Press For Being Inept

Ollie Barder writes: "Following the insane situation where one of Polygon’s reviewers couldn’t play the new Doom properly, it seems similar issues have surfaced with Overwatch. With much of the gaming populace taking a step back and realizing that many of those in mainstream gaming publications no longer represent the medium properly."

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s45gr321799d ago

Yup, videogame journalism has jump the shark years ago

Goldby1799d ago

Videogame hournalism hasnt existed for 10 years. Theres not one journalist out there that goes and finds the stories, they are all reporters now. Just teport on the news and thr lies gamers create

Godmars2901799d ago

Mainstream gaming journalism you mean. Much of the indie scene as well - if not especially given far too many examples of favoritism.

RashBandicoot1799d ago

Which is why I tend to stick to YouTube gamers. They're opinion would seem more reliable at this point.

Ashlen1799d ago

You mean the ones that aren't taking free gifts and not telling people?

Aloy-Boyfriend1799d ago

All these "journalist" should just go flip burgers if they are so inept to play and review games

WeAreLegion1799d ago

I don't want these idiots preparing my food!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1799d ago

This, I pay for a good experience when I buy food. At least where they currently are I can ignore their entire existence.

Chevalier1799d ago

Wasn't Polygon the one that wrote the article on how to on the PS4 and the difficulty of mixing up the buttons? If after 2 years an article is needed to explain how to on the system I would think your pretty much not a gamer. Next they will write the steps how play play games too.

Step 1 on system (refer to our article here how) tip it's the top tab button
Step 2 insert disc (refer to article here if it's digital)
Step 3 click button once game starts!
Step 4 Play game and enjoy! (refer to our article on how to enjoy your game)

Deadpooled1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Or Step 1 - (If connected to the PS4 system) Press the small round button with the PlayStation logo on the controller.

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Servbot411799d ago

That Polygon Doom video was so hilariously inept I can't imagine someone who plays that poorly actually enjoying any games, much less having any worthwhile knowledge of the medium and its history.

Pandamobile1799d ago

The main problem with these gaming "news" sites these days is the business model. Most of them are thinly veiled content aggregators, that will write about literally anything just to drive clicks to their site to support their ad revenue. This drives down the quality and increases their reach. They know that most people in our sector of the internet read one headline and form an opinion on it.

The other problem is the games industry itself. There's a weird, parasitic relationship between game developers and games media. The games industry is incredibly secretive (the same is true for the film industry), so games media really have nothing to report on 99% of the time.

Rachel_Alucard1799d ago

Alot of them do this thing where when an overwhelming majority of the gaming populace is against a controversy or an idea. One of them (like Ben Kuchera) will write article that labels him as an apologist to this ongoing thing. Then everyone rages and comments and clicks his links because they want to express the faults with his logic or just rage at him, without realizing it they've just given sites like Kotaku and Polygon more traffic then anything else they put out. If people just took a step back and spotted an article like that and ignore it then Kotaku and many other sites would die off. But alas, this is impossible with the simple fact that people still label themselves as gamers despite the fact that it's a giant marketing ploy to get people who don't play anything but mobile games a title and label for the "48% of the market is women guyz" crap.

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