30 Years Ago on June 3rd in Gaming History: Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels

Dash Bomber writes, "It’s hard to believe that 30 years ago Nintendo released one of the most popular games of the Famicom in Japan. The sequel to the smash hit Super Mario Bros; The Lost Levels ramped up the difficulty of the game up to eleven. An interesting trivia regarding this title is that The Lost Levels was considered an expansion of the first game rather than a sequel for a game (making this the unofficial the very first expansion pack on a console). It was also in this game where Luigi and Mario finally became distinguishable from one another; the former could now jump higher and wouldn’t stop on a dime. The most interesting fact in regards to SMB: TLL is that it was never released in the United States as it was originally released. Instead we received the Doki Doki Panic! re-skin known in Japan as Super Mario USA."

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gamamaja1803d ago

super mario was my first game to play

Deadpooled1803d ago

I remember this gem with the other gems in Super Mario All Stars