Nintendo Going to Showcase Other Games Aside From Zelda at E3?

Shaz Mohsin writes: "We’ve all known for a while now that Nintendo, alongside other large developers like EA are dropping out of the E3 conference this year. Though the latter have revealed that they’d be dropping out entirely, Nintendo has told the media that they still have plans to hold a presentation this year – although this “presentation” would not be the usual stage presentation, and rather an extended video presentation – which eventually Nintendo dropped out of as well and told the media that their focus at E3 would simply be showcasing their upcoming Zelda game."

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Zeldafan641799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

This is one of the poorest examples of games journalism I have ever seen. Just from that first paragraph alone anyone who has actually been following Nintendo news knows that almost nothing the author said is true. I will not read the rest of this "article" because it would be a waste of time. Shaz Mohsin, if this is the caliber of all of your "articles" you put out then you SHOULD NOT be a news writer, you should be fired if you are actually employed as such. This is an absolute joke.

RosweeSon1799d ago

You really should continue it gets worse haha.
Nintendo are dropping out of E3 we've all (Not) known this for months... (Because it's not true)
They then go on to quote something From Nintendo's E3 page... The same E3 that Nintendo have dropped out of. Huh.

Zeldafan641799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I did end up reading it unfortunately and it only strengthened my disdain for Shaz Mohsin's journalistic integrity, or lack thereof.

RosweeSon1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

We've all known for a long time Nintendo are dropping out of E3... Not entirely like EA tho... What.
What is that about they are not dropping out of Anything they have Zelda Playable on the show floor how is that in anyway dropping out of E3.
They've paid money for floor space. You don't pay money to drop out of something you pay money to show up and show off your wares.

wonderfulmonkeyman1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

And the idiocy continues.

Rather than reading between the lines, these so-called journalists should start reading the actual words of the companies.

Nintendo's not dropping out of E3; anyone thinking they are, when they've already rented floor space and dedicated time out of their busy schedules to talk about games in their Treehouse and pressers as a part of what they themselves have deemed a part of their E3 activities, is an absolute f***ing moron.
End of.

3-4-51799d ago

* The only PLAYABLE game is LoZ.....there are other games going to be shown off there.

How dumb are some of you ?

link2Dpast1798d ago

Man me personally I wait all year for E3. So many great memories of it, I remember in the old days before the Internet screwed everything up, there were actual surprises. You had no idea what was coming, now with all these "sources" or leaks or something like Nintendo direct.

To that point though don't get me wrong , what Nintendo direct is and what they wanted it to be is great but geesh E3 is for these moment. Like i said I personally wait all year just like people wait for comic con the wait is longer because of something like Nintendo direct , so now your waiting 1 year+ now for some heavy info, it sucks