Mirrors Edge Catalyst first impressions review Gameplay/Graphics/Verdict

Hi everyone and welcome to my first impressions review for Mirrors Edge Catalyst. I touch on elements such as Gameplay, Graphics and a final verdict. Leave a...

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kraenk121800d ago

That's how low we've become?! Publishing non-reviews?!

GametechUK1800d ago

Yea you already left comments on my youtube video saying how low i am. Go outside and get some fresh air.

kraenk121800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

There is an article on N4g about the actual terrible state gaming journalism is in these days. Go read it!

Rating a game without even having finished it is as low as can be, sorry.

Slanty1800d ago

@kraenk12 Guessing that's your age, how about you check out this article

kraenk121800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )


It's my year of birth ignorant.

Why am I trolling?! I'm only critisizing and I have my reasons. Gaming journalism has become a shadow of what it once was.

MadMax1799d ago

You know perfectly well what you're doing, so no need to play stupid. YOU better watch giving false unprofessional, so called reviews on here man. You're just merely fishing for hits. Journalist my ass, lol! You're an Internet fake and a fraud who has just been exposed by some of the public here. Now go run along and don't attempt it again. You should be lynched!

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MadMax1800d ago

Seems like just about anyone can write a review these days, and pretend it's legit! Even a troll like this. Weak review that doesn't count and should not be taken to heart. Joke!!!

GametechUK1800d ago

How am i a troll for posting a FIRST IMPRESSIONS review. You should be more careful leaving comments like this...

Slanty1800d ago

Jesus the keyboard warriors are out in full force today. Whats your problem guys? He has taken time making a free FIRST IMPRESSIONS video. They are the key words FIRST IMPRESSIONS, how about you guys get a grip and calm down a bit its only a gaming video lol

kraenk121800d ago (Edited 1799d ago )


No he doesn't. He calls it a review.
There is nothing like a First Impressions Review! Either it's the one or the other! You're just striving for clicks by pretending it being a review!

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MadMax1799d ago

You were just tested on YouTube a moment ago by nicknasty14 and its proven, you are indeed a troll! What a pathetic form of human being you are. You want to give false and unprofessional opinions on games for clicks, then have the nerve to call others names and attack their channels? Lol like I said, you go ahead with all your gang of 2 minions on YouTube and leave all the comments you want on my videos, haha! I'm not there for subs or hits you pathetic loser! Bring it!