Resistance 2 Collector's Edition details announced

Gamextract writes "The box art itself still hasn't been shown on Amazon (but it should come soon, as the IGN voting for the boxart earlier this week is already over for the US). The one above is simply of the three candidates (and the obvious favorite). But until now, we haven't really known what was going to be the in CE edition of the game. Amazon's got the lowdown on what will come for your $80."

Full details after the jump!

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rCrysis3704d ago

sounds sick! I wonder what gamestop is going to have. Its either amazon or gamestop for me

themyk3704d ago

when you order from amazon. do you have it at your house on launch day? or do they ship them on launch day? i've always wondered. if you don't have it at your house on launch theres no way i would order from them.

rCrysis3704d ago

i heard that they started some new service where, for an extra fee (i think), they deliver the game to your house launch day.

correct me if I'm wrong

SolidSnake933703d ago

I'll end up getting the normal edition, though I hope that the pre-order gives something.

CrazyMystical3703d ago

but i would spend $80 on the case alone or even that new skin

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HipHopGamerShowFan3704d ago

I know HipHopGamer is looking forward to this!

pp3704d ago

I wonder what sorry ass would actually buy this crap

Bombibomb3704d ago

Poor little pp lol. The only game left for you to hype is this.

Everything else is flopping with 5's and 6's.

By the way Rage will look better on PS3, confirmed by John Carmack himself. Now go cry in your corner.

AIi_The_Brit3704d ago

i wonder what sad ass would buy the crappy lancer??

probably you since you have no life :(

Torch3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

I wonder what sorry ass would actually keep trolling PS3 threads just to keep getting his pitiful ass pwned over and over again.

...Oh wait.

shadow-sentinel3704d ago

You don't have to be so harsh...

xD xD xD

eagle213704d ago

I just did the MC HAMMER on 360's grave. :)

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doshey3704d ago

WOW 20 extra bucks for all that im sold for that version

doshey3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

are u kidding me i got a damn disagree for that wth is with this site

and then another one what a bunch of crap

mfwahwah3704d ago

People aren't sold on that CE, and some people will never buy a CE. What's so confusing about how you got disagrees?

Quickstrike3704d ago

from normal to CE now when I go to gamestop tomorrow when I pick up Mercenaries 2.

chasuk083703d ago

They are called disagree trolls, who are pathetic nerds who have nothing better to do with their lives than press disagree buttons for the fun of it.

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TheHater3704d ago

Tomorrow, I am going to cancel my regular edition, and pre-order my collector edition

Torch3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Yeah, I'm wondering if I'm going to do the same (heh, heh, I think that Chimera figure might be the deal-breaker!)

Ironically, not too long ago, I (hesitantly) traded in Resistance along with two other games to EB in exchange for a pre-ordered and pre-paid copy of R2.

My logic was that I'd be able to hold out until Resistance 2 arrived, and should I ever want to play Resistance again, I'd be able to easily pick it for about $20 bucks.

Man, that's the one title I most regret trading in...been so badly craving another go at the campaign and online lately. Just didn't think it'd happen so SOON!

I've actually been tempted to dish out $30 for the Greatest Hits version.

Nonetheless, I shall put forth my best effort to abstain and hold out for another few months.

But no promises. ;)

TheHater3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

dude, I stop trading in games at EBgames and Gamestop because they are just ripping people off. You get like $18 (I got $18 dollars for GTA IV about a month ago) for your game, and they sell it for $50 dollars.
As for Resistance 1, that is one of the few games will I will keep as long as I continue to play games. Because of that game, I got back into online FPS on consoles. So that game have a special place in my collection.

Torch3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Yeah, you're almost 100% right, as it's USUALLY the case.

Like I said, I WAS hesitant (and at the moment, regretful). The only reason I did it was because I needed an third title to fulfill their "Trade in Three, Get it Free" offer.

The other two titles were:

-R6 Vegas for PSP, which I picked up from Wal-Mart for $8 (but should still be avoided like the PLAGUE at any cost!!!)

-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell (too buggy, and 3-day-long load times were KILLING me!)

Therefore, my logic was that even if I DID re-purchase Resistance for a supposed $20 at some point later, I'd still be ahead of the game.

That said, you couldn't be more right. I was poking around one of their stores a few weeks ago, and was looking into what other three games I'd be able to trade in to confirm a copy of either GoW3 or Killzone 2.

Being absolutely SICK and bored of Assassin's Creed after only the third assassin, I inquired whether that game would qualify.

Apparently it's a no-go for AC, since EB values that game at a measly four bucks.

...FOUR ($4) BUCKS!!!

eBay, here I come!