Achievements and the Rise & Fall of Value

Evan discusses how trophies and achievements can add or take away from value and gaming experiences.

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Kyosuke_Sanada1805d ago

Trophies are always iffy for me. I'd rather gain unlockable weapons and modes from completing a game if I had to choose but very rare that a modern game offers both.

Eidolon1805d ago

I like trophies, it's kind of a public list of games you've beat the crap out of, I've made a few friends online based on trophies. The reason why trophies and gamerscore are fun is because it's a number that keeps growing, and the trophies set a goal to increase it, it's a game in itself. I wouldn't want no new weapon for beating a Dark Souls game, thank you, give me the plat or at least the trophies for beating all the bosses.

Eidolon1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

Doom has you pretty much following a guide your entire playthrough for the plat, because there's so many easily missable collectibles that it would take 100+ hours if you wing it versus 20-25 w/ guide but it's a great experience. Some games have you grind for it, have you replay a game several times with only minute differences, I don't call that replay value.