How Much Content Should A $60 Game Have?

What makes a game worth the special $60 price tag? Is it all about content, singleplayer, multiplayer, or is it all about the experience? Poli Games host, Joseph, talks about he likes about. what he thinks, what games are worth, that high price.

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R00bot1801d ago

It all depends on what kind of game it is. If I can get enough replayability out of a small amount of content then it doesn't need much content. If I put the game down after 2 hours having seen it all and being unsatisfied, then the devs need to put in more effort next time.

ShinRon1801d ago

Sony and MS decide this, there is no specific number of bullet points that makes $60 dollar games worth it, its all about how good it is.

1801d ago
njulo1801d ago

more than 20 Hours of game play

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