We Love The Plat #7 – Does Trophy Value Matter?

Omar Bousfanj from GearSiege writes" "Greetings, trophy hunter! Welcome to the 7th “We Love The Plat” article on GearSiege’s bi-weekly series of writing pieces from a trophy hunter to trophy hunters!

June is here and with it, summer also arrives: the time for many trophy hunters to give their collection one big boost. Usually, we start games without paying much attention to the trophies while focusing on the requirements. However, should we take a closer look at the trophy value present in games?"

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P_Bomb1804d ago

The 'bronze torture' section is spot on. Some games genuinely do have way too many bronzes at the expense of golds and/or ask too much for meagre payoffs. No way beating Uncharted 4 on Crushing should be a silver. That's gold territory through and through.

Oh, and Hitman shoulda had a platinum. It's a full priced season with a full trophy list. Way more effort to 100% than Walking Dead. Come on. Hitman Go has a platinum for less than 10 bucks!!