The Witcher 3 1.20 Update Makes it Feel Like a Brand New Game

There is nothing down the path of these updates and expansions but pure gold.

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Takwin1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

They improved every aspect of the UI on every tab. They provided extra settings to cater the game to you.

It was already my favorite game of all time. I'm finishing up Blood and Wine today (Blood and Broken Bones) and then I'm going to start a New Game+ on Death March and relive this great game in all its new shiny.

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FullmetalRoyale1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Agreed. I just the other day bought the expansion pack, as I wanted to play both expansions back to back, that way I can have one more lengthy journey in that world. I loaded up my New Game+ file and was genuinely taken aback by the interface improvements in the base game. While switching tabs is still undeniably sluggish, everything else seems so drastically improved. Having an R3 prompt to pull up the reading materials you just picked up is so much appreciated by me, as I really didn't like digging through the old inventory system. I have barely scratched the surface of the HoS expansion(came across some new locales and just got lost walking around them), and haven't even seen the land on which B&W takes place. I'm taking my sweet time, but I am so excited to see it all. This is actually the first time I've gone back to a game after platinuming it. These guys are so good at environmental storytelling, imo, it's insane.

game4funz1798d ago

I just recently restarted on death March in anticipation of this and man do the updates improve the game

thekhurg1798d ago

NG+ on death march is no joke hard. I just completed that a week or two ago and it was brutal. Hope you enjoy it!

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JamesBroski1798d ago

It just needs a way to mark items as "seen". Before they were on top, but not anymore. And I think the potion and decotion tab needs to be a bit larger than bomb's and oil's, since you have way more of potions and decotions and having to scroll all the way to bottom is a bit annoying.

Stevonidas1798d ago

I wonder if a game can win GoTY two years in a row? The update is that damn good.

Dragonking0071798d ago

Impossible because uncharted 4 is out and lets be real thats going to be one hard game to top this year.

Count_Bakula1798d ago

Yeah I know Uncharted is kind of divisive, but Uncharted obliterates Witcher in the gameplay department. Fluid running (my GOD all those years of development and that's what they ended up with in Witcher, that atrocious, clunky run animation?), turning, ect. Witcher combat was also clunky from gameplay perspective as just another unrealistic hack-and-slash with depleting health bars. The only thing that felt good was maiming animation procs.

game4funz1798d ago

Not that hard. A better story in a game can easily top it.
Not like they should give game of the years to games that simply have amazing graphics.... Everything else needs to be amazing too.... And since uncharted released recently there's gonna be tons of hype and other games moving forward. It'll easily be forgotten by the end of the year.

JoeDG1798d ago

Uc 4 was really great. I love it but for me personally witcher 3 is the masterpiece of this gen.

Dark_Knightmare21798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

You're right I just don't see anything topping that.
@count_bakula it's not divisive don't confuse fanboys on the Web has meaning the game is divisive you don't get 93 meta critic and become the highest rated exclusive this Gen if you're divisive.
@games4funz all you do is talk crap about uc in articles so no one is going to take your opinion seriously and if you really think that uc 4 is going to be forgotten at the end of the year you're delusional. Uc 2,3 and tlou weren't forgotten because ND games arent easily forgotten and when the time comes you can copy this comment because I guarantee you it wins the majority of the goty awards this year.

Ceaser98573611798d ago

imo both UC4 and Witcher 3 are my fav... Loved Witcher 3 since day one and never got bored... UC4 will always be special, since its Drake's last and prolly the last UC game :( Got to see how R* does with a new RED DEAD game.. its gonna be amazing for sure...

WellyUK1798d ago

Witcher 3 is better than Uncharted 4 though.

starchild1798d ago


Wait, what? The same person that is criticizing The Witcher 3's gameplay is turning around and praising Uncharted 4's gameplay? I'm sorry, but that's an utter load of crap. The Witcher 3 would not be loved by millions if it had poor gameplay. And don't give me that "oh but they love it for the story". You know as well as I do that without enjoyable gameplay you are never going to gain the affection and attention of gamers for very long.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

It's an expansion, not a full game. Let other games released this year shine! W3 already got it's GOTY last year

game4funz1798d ago

Even if it did why should it bother anyone.

thekhurg1798d ago

Shouldn't matter. Blood & Wine is better than most full games anyway. If it were to win this year it would be well deserved.

_-EDMIX-_1798d ago

@game4funz- because GOTY is for titles that released this year, not post launch content. I'm sorry bud, but even as a day 1 witcher 3 owner, I can't say its DLC is better then other games.

I think clearly it should get awards for its expansion as at this point ,I don't see it not getting many for them, but not for GOTY as that doesn't really make any sense. Its beyond exaggerative.

iTechHeads1798d ago

Game released in 2015 so no....

PygmelionHunter1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I was waiting to replay the game on Death March once this update came out, but then read about all the bugs it was causing on all platforms and decided to wait a little longer.

For all the praise CDPR got with this game, you would expect it to be impeccable after so many updates.

Imalwaysright1798d ago

CDPR for you. Imo the best devs in the industry right now,

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opinionated1798d ago

No question. And publisher.

Dark_Knightmare21798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Nah they made one good game and one amazing game they need to do it for a lot longer before they can be considered the best devs in the industry.

Imalwaysright1798d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

That's your opinion and that's fine because each and every one of us has their favorites. In my opinion they're the best right now not only because they make great games but also because of their behaviour towards us, the gamers. They actually respect us unlike the vast majority of devs and publishers in the industry and because of it, they have my respect... unlike the vast majority of devs and publishers in the industry.


@ Ed

Nope, I'm saying it right now.

I don't need their words. Their actions speak for themselves and that is true for CDPR and all the other devs and publishers in the industry. Also, seriously? Why should expansions that have more content than most standalone games be free? The base game alone has more value for our $ than 99.9 % of games that are released on the market.

Also yes, The Witcher 3 had problems and that should be expected in a game as ambitious as TW3 but CDPR is not only fixing their game but still improving it while other devs and publishers are perfectly ok with having modders fixing their games or not bothering at all to fix them.

_-EDMIX-_1798d ago

Agreed. I like the Witcher series, but this is CDPR's first big game. Maybe a gen later with a few more under their belts we can say that.

Witcher 3 is still being patched for a very good reason. It launched with a lot of bugs and issues.

Its hard to say "best" yet see a seen like that.....very hard.

They are a great team and still have a lot to learn, but they are not near the level of other top teams yet, if anything Cyberpunk 2077 will show how they progress from this game. Clearly they've learned a lot from Witcher 3. I predicted long before its release that they team might have issues considering they are not as well versed in open world concepts as teams like Bethesda or Bioware. They will get better as they actually make more open world games.

@Ima- "They actually respect us" You don't know what they feel about you..... They are still a business and must behave as such. There is a reason why those expansions are not free. A business is not there to make you feel warm and good or um "respected" its there to provided something in return of funds. The only thing a developer will likely respect is the value of the game they are creating.

" unlike the vast majority of devs and publishers in the industry." unless you know them personally saying disrespectful things about the consumer and I mean the entire team and publisher, I'm pretty sure one can't actually really know that.

Dyldog691798d ago

The best at long winded dialogue

_-EDMIX-_1798d ago

wow Dyldog69 thats why I love it so much!

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