Microsoft Teases its Xbox E3 Press Conference and Livestreams With a New Trailer

Today Microsoft released a brief trailer teasing its E3 press conference and the following livestreams.

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christocolus1797d ago

Can't wait to see Recore and Sea of Thieves.

BubbsyKong1797d ago

I hope they bring halo to windows 10, Having sold my Xbone to help build a better gaming pc that is the one title I've missed the most! If they do that I'll ree buy my gold (if required for pc) and bring my 6 year Xbox account back to life on my pc just for it. FINGERS CROSSED BOYS :p

sammarshall1021797d ago

Gears 4, Scalebound, Recore, and Crackdown 3 are what I want to see the most

Gazondaily1797d ago

Lmfao at the disagrees. Haha man the haters be hating.

Sea of Thieves for me!

Crackdown cloud stuff too

death_gun1797d ago

I want to see Gears 4 running on a pc with al settings maxed out in 4k

jeremyj29131797d ago

All I want to see is Scalebound.

IC3_DEMON1797d ago


That would be outrageous if PC players would have to buy gold to play online. Where did you get that?

mark_parch1796d ago

recore, crackdown 3, sea of thieves and forza horizon 3 for me

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Fin_The_Human1797d ago

Can we watch the conference from XBox Live?

donthate1797d ago

You can watch it live from your Xbox console, or from I'm sure there are other areas you can also watch it. Probably and Youtube are also likely to have it live.

FragMnTagM1797d ago

Yes, but you need to download an app titled XLEi which stands for Xbox Live Events.

Fin_The_Human1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )


I heard ignition media player is pretty slow compared to YouTube so might watch it on youtube since my internet is not that fast.

343_Guilty_Spark1797d ago

Your mom is so ugly she has to pay the mirror to look at her.

candystop1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Lmao.....who the heck could disagree with that! Freaking funny

objdadon1797d ago

Hot damn i can't even be mad at that, lmao!

Plagasx1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Pure Savagery.

N0TaB0T1797d ago

"My Mom Died from a Cerebral Hemorrhage..."

DeadlyOreo1797d ago

I disagreed because the guys a troll. It's not funny when it comes from a troll.

mozzie1797d ago

your mom is so FAT she can't even save files bigger than 4 GB!

Deadpooled1796d ago

"Your mom is so fat, Obi Wan said "that's no moon, that's your mother" "

jessionpc1796d ago


Probably someone who isn't a 14 year old, or a middle aged man who failed to launch...

That's my guess.

candystop1796d ago Show
ManAnimalX1796d ago

You Xbox Fanboys are a strange bunch, How the hell any of you still have even a sliver of hope in & respect for Microsoft is BEYOND any sane reasoning......but to each his own.

That's some pretty powerful witchcraft voo doo Microsoft & the American media have unleashed on you Xbox sheeple, and its working, they STILL HAVE MORONS believing after all the Lies deception, after all the closed studios, lack of 1st party games, red ring of death, abandonment of 1st party half way through the 360's life cycle, mandatory Kinect for XB1 initially, 1st party games CANCELLED, 1st party games pushed back into 2017 year, MCC debacle, Halo 5 lowest selling Halo in franchise, Loss of exclusives to PC.........

Excuse me? what the Hell is Microsoft doing for You fanboys, now your excited about MS's E3?

FOR WHAT? i'm being serious........for what? smh, you MS Fans are COMPLETELY DUMB, and Microsoft will continue to treat you like dumb animals who cant think or use basic logic to see how your being screwed.

I wouldn't even pay $250 for XB1.

christocolus1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )


Such a sad troll comment. Are you serious? You jump into an article about Xbox and MS and then go ahead to accuse MS/Xbox fans for blindly supporting a product they love? I mean hasn't Sony or even Nintendo made mistakes in the past too? Don't all 3 companies provide games and services to their customers? Xbox games on Windows means nothing after all Windows 10 is also Microsofts platform just like 3ds/WiiU and PSvita/PS4 are Nintendos and Sonys respective platforms and so you know Sony and Nintendo also shut down studios and cancel projects too and what do Halo 5 sales have to do with Xbox fans supporting MS? You sound like an ignorant little're not any different from the blind fanboys you seem to hate so much and that kind of makes you a hypocrite too.

"FOR WHAT? i'm being serious........for what? smh, you MS Fans are COMPLETELY DUMB, and Microsoft will continue to treat you like dumb animals who cant think or use basic logic to see how your being screwed.

I wouldn't even pay $250 for XB1."

Smh..Really Dude how old are you? no one is begging, asking or even forcing you to get an Xbox One..

Relientk771796d ago

Ok that was actually hilarious lol

candystop1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Mananimal shut up please! There is nothing worst than hearing a full fledged blind fanboy who thinks he somehow made the right choice and everyone else is wrong.

Back on topic: that was still funny as heck lol

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ScorpiusX1797d ago

In my best Fez voice------- BURN .........LOL

game4funz1797d ago

Colors are not ugly. There's preferences and tastes... All colors are good for something.

opinionated1797d ago

dead rising 4 is my most anticipated of the known games so far.

sammarshall1021797d ago

Microsoft seems very confident in this year's E3 it's going to be amazing

thisgamer5031797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I love my xbox. You can see my post history clearly puts me in the xbox camp even though I own both the ps4 and xb1, but MS also seemed pretty damn confident in 2013 that people would be excited for their unveiling. Amazing it was not. With that said, I really do hope for a great conference but I've learned to never let hype get me excited as I've been burned before.

candystop1797d ago

I know exactly where you're coming from. Last E3 although great was a let down for me but GDC (I believe it was) Crackdown 3 footage was epic! All of this hype stuff is madness so here is to hoping this E3 really does excite.

game4funz1797d ago

Any company can and has screwed up. Try not to be too invested and you'll always enjoy these consoles.... Definitely more then the fanboys not matter from which side.

I have a feeling we won't be disappointed. Microsoft hit rock bottom... Only way left is up

343_Guilty_Spark1797d ago

Watch the video backwards and a voice says Scorpio.