Nintendo at E3 2016 - Explained - Only Zelda Playable on the Show Floor

Elia breaks down what is really going on with Nintendo's E3 presentation this year.

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LOL_WUT1807d ago

"Is Nintendo bringing a game to E3 other than Zelda? Unfortunately, there shouldn't be much excitement because the answer is no."

There you have it folks, Nintendo acquiring more booth space doesn't mean anything. In fact, the company reserves the same booth space every year. Crow served ;)

freshslicepizza1807d ago

this is what has become of nintendo, showing just one game at e3 and on a system they plan to discontinue soon?

Stealth20k1807d ago

Nintendo has already released more games this year than Sony and MS combined and you care that they are only bringing one game to a dying show?

At the treehouse they are showing off way more games.

Playable_Gamez1807d ago

I think you are high Stealth20k

Stealth20k1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

^ If thats your only retort without providing facts, I feel pretty good. It is fact this E3 has less people attending and less devs attending then ever. It is fact Nintendo has released more games than any publisher this year, it is fact Treehouse will have a ton of games shown

freshslicepizza1806d ago


e3 is still a huge event, so why is nintendo only showing zelda? makes no sense at all but then again nintendo does things within their own bubble and don't care what the outside world thinks.

what else is coming out for the wii u since you talk about how they have released more games than both sony and ms? the relevance of them coming out with more exclusives doesn't seem to matter since the wii u only sold 12 million units and nintendo only plans to sell only 800,000 more wii u systems.


so again i say, this is what has become of ninetndo?

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wonderfulmonkeyman1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Keep your crow to yourself; they've already confirmed that Pokemon Sun and Moon and SMTXFE are going to be at the show as part of the Treehouse during day 2, amongst others.
It's just that Zelda will be the only playable one on the show floor.

Now be a good boy and eat the crow you've been warming up for others; you're the one that needs it most.

LOL_WUT1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

No one cares about their handheld games. When you can come up with a good list of these so called WiiU games then come talk to me otherwise continue to eat that crow. ;)

pcz1806d ago

just shows how egotistical nintendo have become that they will reserve the entire floor space for one game.

talk about one trick pony.

either this zelda game is the best game in decades, or nintendo havent got anything else worthy of presenting in playable form.

my bet is on the latter

the recent direct which showed the pointless looking paper mario splash and the appalling looking metroid federation, definitely hint strongly that nintendo really have nothing besides zelda they want people to get a hands on experience with.

considering games are nintendos business, to only have one game in playable form... its shocking. embarrassing.

in my book, the only thing that could save nintendo from a humiliating defeat at e3, is... i cant think of anything. they dont really have anything left do they.

Aquietguy1806d ago

Did you even watch the video? It clearly said Zelda will be the only playable game. If there is 90 minutes of game play then they will need as much room as they can get. Can you imagine the line if there are only one or two demo booths? There will need to be at least 20 if not more.

wonderfulmonkeyman1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Ignoring the handheld games, and LYING by saying no one cares about them, to try and hold a point that you never had ground to stand upon with, is basically a strawman's argument, and idiocy of the highest degree.

Choke on your crow like a good boy, and don't come back until you've realized just how much of a foot-shaped mouth you've created for yourself.

Edit: Yawning is a sign of a tired mind.
Who knew being as stupid as you are was enough to be mentally tiring in the first place?XD

Nintendo's got games aside from Zelda to show.
Games that people who's opinions matter more than yours care about.

Deal with it by choking on your crow and shutting the F up.:P

LOL_WUT1806d ago

Yawn. Nintendo has nothing else to show deal with it. ;)

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Stealth20k1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

The treehouse will have as many games there as Nintendo typically shows, just more in depth. This second rate, trashy site has no clue what is going on with Nintendo at E3.

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superchiller1807d ago

Wow, Nintendo is really only showing one game, despite having a huge amount of space reserved? Are they just trying to make themselves look bad on purpose? Not a good sign for the future of the company.

LOL_WUT1807d ago

The company has been looking bad all generation long dude. Whether it was by bad business decisions, game droughts, or missing features they'll need a miracle to turn all that around ;)

Stealth20k1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

Game Droughts? Is that why this year they have already released more games than Sony and MS combined? But they are the ones going through the game drought? HAHA

Bad business decisions? Like Amiibo? Which have sold millions or Splatoon? Which is the highest selling new ip exclusive in 10 years, or 3DS which is selling software like crazy or what? What is bad? Oh I am sure you will come up with one bad business decision but that does not wipe away all the good ones

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