Shenmue 3 Appearing At E3 2016? Publisher Hypes Up Game

"We are preparing great things" according to Shibuya Productions' Cedric Biscay.

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MasterCornholio1357d ago

Be interesting to see more of this game.

1357d ago
game4funz1357d ago

I felt my dreams die when they announced it would be a Kickstarter... Seriously....

Hope it turns out good. Remember playing this game on the Xbox.

RosweeSon1357d ago

Alongside 1/2 hopefully

Fin_The_Human1357d ago

Trust me unless they update the gameplay then you wint have much fun as the gameplay has not aged well.

Sure it was top notch and innovative when ilthe games first glcame out but now they feel out dated.

RosweeSon1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

Oh I'll have plenty of fun loved the first game and never got round to the second one. Would be epic to finally play before 3 arrives.
Nope I don't "Thrive" on nostalgia but if you asking would I rather play a sequel to a game from years ago that I've never played I.e Shenmue 2 as I'd moved on by time launched on dreamcast or was too busy playing first one still however ive always got time for some classic games specially if all were being given is yearly updates of FIFA, assassins creed or COD/Battlefield.

Super Mario world classic. Doesn't mean I'll play it for the rest of time just for a few days or a week before something else comes along.

Sure I played GTA3 again... First time in 10+ years inmensely enjoyable even now maybe the games your going back to play again weren't very good in the first place as I'll only go back to something if 1 I enjoyed it and 2 it was actually good GTA3 was epic and even now still a pretty amazing game loved the soundtrack, sure GTA5 is a beast but was more than happy to platinum Gta3 on ps4 and I'll be doing Bully, Vice City and San Andreas when I get a rainy weekend.
Got Kirby 3ds today tho so is that's thriving on nostalgia.
Looking forward to Last Guardian and No Man's Sky... Nostalgia? Nope brand new.
Gaming rant over but I feel I'm as far from a fan boy as you can get as I'll never limit myself to one system from one manufacturer and will play anything as long as it's good, rockstar table tennis, Katamari, and old weird stuff as long as it's actually a good game ie 7-8/10 minimum. Most of the stuff I play is time and time again voted the best games of all time tho so yeah always got time for gaming greatness ;) all the best.

I like to have tried stuff before I'll slate it or have opinions on things some people just see a name oh Nintendo that's not what I own yeah that sucks.

Variety is the spice of life.

Fin_The_Human1357d ago

Roswee, you must be one of those gamers that trive on nostalgia... Kudos to you man.

I for one can't go back and play certain games that are very old as they just don't feel right in terms of gameplay.

I loved games like Resident Evil 1, Golden Eye and GTA Vice City but can't play them now for too long.

Phunkydiabetic11357d ago

I agree 100%. Actually even back THEN the gameplay is was pretty shitty. Not sure what the hype is for this at all.

ShottyatLaw1357d ago

Shenmue was the first time I ever felt the hype-letdown of a big game. I was (and always will be) a Sega guy, but I still remember how truly disappointed I was after saving up to get the original on Dreamcast. Nothing against true fans of the game, but I believe a lot of new players are going to be very disappointed when they play this series for the first time.

RosweeSon1357d ago

I know what you mean tho some games you go back to and just think how did I put myself through this dodgy controls or glitches and cameras that wanna show you the wall rather than where your going but yeah some of the old games are seriously great even now.

game4funz1357d ago

Yes and people will still love it.
Don't buy it if you don't want it... But sitting around down hyping it won't help.

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fei-hung1357d ago

Completely forgot I've already paid for this. Can't wait to see more of this game!

Articuno761357d ago

They've not really shown anything of substance since the reveal. A render here, an animation there, but nothing significant. So they kind of have to show something at this point.

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BossBattle1357d ago (Edited 1357d ago )

I never understood the hype for this game. I tried playing it back in the day but it was so tedious. I expect low scores for the next one.

DarkOcelet1357d ago

Then the game is not for you.

BossBattle1357d ago

I'll get back with you with a smirk when the poor reviews come out. Just wait

RosweeSon1357d ago

It's not all about head shots and how many people can be run over ;)

Spikeantestor1357d ago

One man's tedious is another man's immersive.

RosweeSon1357d ago

Some people just can't keep up with a story... Too wordy.

BossBattle1357d ago

One man's immersion is another man's boredom.

Pozzle1352d ago

This x100. I loved Shenmue for the same reason I love games like Deadly Premonition and Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (I loved the story, the characters, the feeling of being part of a 'living' world, being able to help random people in their everyday lives, etc)....and yet so many people and reviewers hated those games for those exact reasons. They found them tedious, boring, busywork, etc. But oh well, I enjoyed them and that's all that counts.

Phunkydiabetic11357d ago


If you want to experience hours of driving a forklift you might as well do it in real life and make some money.

Moe-Gunz1357d ago

I guess you never wanted to play a game of lucky hit?

SegaGamer1357d ago

I don't give a damn about reviews, i am more than sure i will enjoy the game when it comes out.

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