Could Mirror’s Edge Catalyst be a Runaway Success for June?

One of the writers at Middle of Nowhere Gaming examines why June might be the perfect month for the release of Mirror's Edge Catalyst.

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GrimDragon1797d ago

This game sucks. And the only way it will remotely be a success is because we are entering the drought months of gaming.

Zorkaz1796d ago

Saying it 'sucks' without even having played it, is a bit too much. Sure it may not meet up to everyone's expectations, that's totally possible, but it's definitely gonna satisfy me, whatever the case. Let's just wait and see ...
Personnaly I'm just excited for a new Mirror's Edge!

1797d ago
annoyedgamer1797d ago

The amount of paid promotion for this mediocre game has already been running away.

pandehz1797d ago

It will be a stellar hit. Mark my words.

Smokingunz1796d ago

The first game was cool, for its time of release I liked it, not really looking forward to this sequel as much though,mabye after a few months and a price drop I'll pick it up. As I get older my patience and taste in particular games have change and mirrors edge us one of then but I'm not singling it out though.

Oh yeah two million copies sold is not bad, we're you guys expecting ground breaking cod and gta type sales? Come on now, not for this type of game. They're plenty of games that sold less than 1 million that were great and still deserved and has sometime gotten a sequel aka the darkness, which was an awesome game that didn't sell too well but spawned a sequel which I supported both.