Everything Wrong With Overwatch

PlayStation LifeStyle takes a look at everything wrong with Overwatch.

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Sm00thNinja1352d ago

Love all the haters for this game lol

yomfweeee1352d ago

Maybe read it next time. They admittedly are being nitpicky and point out that they gave the game a 10 out of 10.

Sm00thNinja1352d ago

Wasn't referring to the article was simply stating a fact I love how much hate this game gets sarcastic or not

starchild1352d ago

I bet they haven't done an article or video titled "Everything Wrong With Uncharted 4".

I love both games, but it annoys me how it's always the multiplats that get the bigger hate bandwagons, simply because they don't have legions of platform specific fanboys to defend them at all costs like you see with high profile exclusives.

R00bot1352d ago

Maybe he wouldn't assume you were referring to the article if you weren't commenting on said article?

GrimmyReaper1352d ago

Not to hate on it, Overwatch is just not my thing.

But how does this game get 10/10 with very few modes and maps, no singleplayer mode, co-op, campaign and random loot boxes that you either pay even though you already paid 40 on pc or 60 on consoles or have to grind for hours?

This seems to have many of the same problems people gave EA shit over for Star Wars Battlefront.

1352d ago
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GrimDragon1352d ago

A cartoon version of destiny.

StopClickbait1352d ago

1. Lack of Context
2. Limited Depth
3. Loot Boxes

fromchildren1352d ago

I don't hate the game, just not attracted too it.
The characters are good, the CGI promotional videos are good the gameplay looks so bland like any other fps shooter/moba out there.