4 Overwatch Classes That Don’t Exist, But Should

Overwatch has a plethora of different heroes to choose from, but eventually we will want more.These are the classes we want to see in Overwatch!

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Orejillz1803d ago

A couple of these would be very interesting to see.

skcej1803d ago

Would definitely up the ante with the counters

TXIDarkAvenger1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

I really hope they don't add a stealth class.

edit* To further explain, a stealth class will definitely be unbalanced. It will be either too overpowered or too under powered. See Shaco from LoL and Spy from Team Fortress 2.

Spurg1802d ago

The turrent destroyer would be nice

WellyUK1802d ago

Widow maker is the turret destroyer.

Relientk771802d ago

Oh I want a pet class, the AOE support class could be cool too

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