10 Forgotten SEGA Franchises That Need A PS4 Entry

PSLS: "SEGA has a lot of great franchises, but several haven't seen love lately. Here's 10 forgotten SEGA franchise that need a PS4 entry."

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gangsta_red1797d ago

I have said this a number of times but Sega needs to bring back Virtual-On. Imagine having huge anime type mechs duke it out in arena style combat with today's online consoles. It would only print money!

They've had a new Virtua Fighter, that game is visually stunning but it's almost like a fighting sim game. Unfortunately the very hard controls just hasn't caught on like SF or Tekken.

Streets of Rage and Shinobi....nostalgic tears man.

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isarai1797d ago

the one i'd love to see most is a modern take on Beyond Oasis. Awesone action rpg wher you summon familiars depending on what part of the environment you interact with. With really cool combat mechanics that give give different combos depending on how quickly you hit the attack button. UGH! i want it so hard

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Kallisti1796d ago

What about a new Virtua Cop? Lightgun games are the shit

SgtPepper18061796d ago

The whole "Virtua" line of games could be awesome and fitting on VR.

P_Bomb1796d ago

What if Shinobi reinvented itself as something of a ninja sim, closer to Mark of the Ninja on Xbox? I quite enjoyed Mark

blackblades1796d ago

I was thinking ninja gaiden style or maybe stick with the sidescrolling like strider. A lot of games should be brought back, like what's to point of having the rights to them when there collecting dirt.

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