Pokémon Has Grown Stagnant and Needs Change

The Pokémon games haven't changed since the 90's, and have been showing signs of weariness lately. To keep the interest the games need to evolve. Written by Mikko Marttila of Gamer Professionals.

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KentBenMei1797d ago

No, it doesn't need to change, that's what the problem is; it did change. Pokemon post-Gen 2 (G/S/C) is decidedly different in both tone and art style. Not that Pokemon was ever mature, but it was grittier like most things from the 90's kids were into. You'd be hard pressed to find any cartoon for kids as twisted as Ren & Stimpy, any video game as epic and competitive as Pokemon, or any animated dramas with as much quality writing, music, and animation as Batman: The Animated Series and Spider-Man '94. Opinions like this are written off as each generation claims its was better, but the 90's and early 00's were objectively superior.

What is Pokemon now? Diabetes sweet friendships have replaced spiteful, tense rivalries, and they doubled down on the "love your Pokemon" concept to the point where it far over shadows the journey to be the best. Newer games just feel empty and cartoony. Team Rocket seemed like a real threat and were based more closely on mafia than later teams with their ridiculous goals.

At least they released Pokemon Red/Blue on VC recently...