Rock Band 4 distributor Mad Catz suffers enormous loss

Mad Catz has suffered a huge loss on Rock Band 4.

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crazychris41241797d ago

You knew this was the case when they needed crowd funding for a PC version. I was going to invest into it but when they were dancing around my questions and seeing the console sales I decided not to. Didn't matter anyway since the fund failed by 50%.

CaptainN1796d ago

I dont feel bad...they didnt give a crap about 13 million Wii-U owners, so now I dont give a crap about them. You left potential sales on the table, and now you suffer.

Fin_The_Human1796d ago

Yes because Nintendo fans are crazy about 3 party games.

Out of the 13 million only a small fraction of that install base would have baught the game.

Would have coat them more to port the game over.

CaptainN1792d ago

I suggest you look to see how many people bought Rock Band and Guitar Hero on the original Wii and tell me that !!!

Nintendo players cant buy third party games if they don't make them !!!

BlaqMagiq11796d ago

From the article:

"But Mad Catz still has a huge $8.3m "Rock Band 4 inventory" to sell. In layman's terms: it has heaps of plastic instruments stuffed in a warehouse somewhere."

"Its agreement with Harmonix means it has only until 6th September - the end of a "120-day wind-down period" - to sell off its stock. After that, presumably, it no longer has license to sell the goods. There's no word on what will happen then, but it may be we're looking at an E.T. game situation."

At this point they might as well give them away.

pompombrum1796d ago

Maybe they can blame Rock Band 4 to some degree but it's not like their other accessories are doing great either.. case in point:

Not sure who is worse there, the person who designed it or the idiot who greenlight it for production. Their entire PC range of accessories look like something out of a snuff budget sci fi movie. It's a shame really as their arcade sticks are the best around but deary me, I wouldn't be seen dead with their PC keyboards/mice at my desk.

Servbot411796d ago

Their arcade sticks were doing pretty well until they screwed a lot of fans/buyers by pushing out the earliest PS4 "limited edition" fightstick with missing touchpad functionality (which was necessary for SF5's training mode at the time, possibly Mortal Kombat as well), only to release one with a touchpad a few weeks later. That and losing the only man who manage to earn them good will in the past two decades, Markman, pretty much sealed their fate on what was most likely their only profitable division.