Resident Evil 7 Can Only Succeed By Returning To Its Roots

Capcom needs to return to their former flagship franchises rotting roots if they really want to make Resident Evil 7 a success.

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mryams1807d ago

Not sure, but I would like it if it did.

naruga1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

imo is not enough to just sloppy return to its roots aka atmospheric, slower gameplay with survival elements ..they must return back following the right track ..Revelations games were abysmal and must not be repeated in any way, the inclusion of paranormal holywood type of horror/adversaries and mimicking the unspeakable RE movies just made things worse...if there is any chance for these guys to develop a good RE game , i would say just copy paste RE1 or RE Outbreak in current gen..this means
colorful environments like TLoUS,RE1(yes dark but colorful not the RE4,5,6,Revelation boring environments)
believable enemies /virus story like TloUS,RE1,
attach big importance on survival elements (limited ammo/items /health, fewer but more difficult enemies, difficult bosses )
clever puzzles
new memorable characters or retelling the story of current ones, erasing all the backstory
Returning the series back correctly is a very difficult task having in mind Capcom 's current potential of developing good games (they just garbaged all their IPs except MonHun)

Yui_Suzumiya1807d ago

I won't knock the Revelations series. I feel Revelations 2 is the best RE since the third game.

_-EDMIX-_1807d ago

"the inclusion of paranormal holywood type of horror/adversaries and mimicking the unspeakable RE movies just made things worse"

I mean.....the past RE's where not Oscar worthy so I can't honestly say that is why they failed.

"new memorable characters or retelling the story of current ones, erasing all the backstory" I mean...even as an RE fan I'd say that is exaggerating quite a bit, RE was never really good with stories, its actually pretty bad and cheesy.

"Returning the series back correctly is a very difficult task having in mind Capcom 's" I don't know if I'd say that either, the concept already exist, its not a mystery. They don't want to simply because of the sales the series got prior to the action games of 4,5,6.

Revelations 1 and 2 are really, really good RE games imho compared to RE5 or 6. In the respect they actually have survival elements and features.

I don't see Capcom going back to those old features in the main series, I see them doing it with Revelations.

RosweeSon1807d ago

I really enjoyed revelations 1 on my 3ds but after Resi 5 and then parts of 6 hardly surprising still great game on 3ds struggling to get into the second one. Resi 7 old school P.T style horror/trauma.

_-EDMIX-_1807d ago

Agreed. I'm not too sure that would make it "succeed" as the RE4,5,6 games all moved pretty huge units. I would LOVE IT, but not sure returning would mean more sales.

Revelations 1 and 2 returns to many old concepts and I didn't see that game moving RE5 or RE6 numbers.

Revelations 2 even released on more platforms and still sold 1.8 million. Even on PS3,PS3, 360, XONE, Vita, PC etc

I really, really liked Revelations 1 and 2 in terms of returning to limited ammo, health etc, but it seems that just isn't what the majority wants any more.

I'm hoping we even see a Revelations 3 as the sales of 2 was nothing to write home about. I don't see Capcom using their big action series now, to limit sales by adding in older concepts, that just not likely.

Its if anything more likely they keep RE7 as some action game with horror "elements" and use Revelations 3 to get old school survival RE fans on board.

gantarat1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

like you said RE 7 will be mainstream focus (appear world-wide)

RosweeSon1807d ago

Yeah can't beat the originals and the remasters or renovated edtions have shown this take it back to the old school good old cheesy script some good old shock horror and jumps and just down and dirty bit scary. You can do it Capcom. Even if it was just more like Resi 4 with more of the old thrown in but seriously can't be those old school games that was the scariest part sometimes those tank controls.

derkasan1807d ago

The baddies of RE4 had some strange charm to them, but it was definitely a different tone when compared to the original titles.

dead_pixels1807d ago

Salazar and Saddler were beyond redemption. They felt like B-List MGS villains moonlighting as horror movie monsters.

BrickHardcastle1807d ago

In terms of camp value, neither of them have anything on Alfred Ashford.

dead_pixels1807d ago

I'm not going to lie - I really, really liked Alfred Ashford in Code Veronica. He was the perfect balance of camp and creepiness.

PaleMoonDeath1807d ago

Agreed, Wesker was pushing it with the shades but he was a man after all, any major enemy after him was just cringe.

PaleMoonDeath1807d ago

It was very similair, but by the time you enter the castle and leave the forest and village behind, whatever Resi Evil was left is just taken away, fantastic game all around, but as a Resident Evil is drops it's identity for action, it's simply not acceptable for Leon Bond. Heh

ZodiacEclipse1807d ago

I need to co-op. I'm too ascared to play horror titles on my own.

1807d ago
PaleMoonDeath1807d ago

Play with the light on, rookie.

BlakHavoc1806d ago (Edited 1806d ago )

I honestly think horror titles are better if they're disturbing rather than nerve wracking. I don't think that makes it a good horror game if I'm jumping due to survival instincts lol. Id rather be creeped the hell out!👹👻

Segata1806d ago

And yet they have zero effect on me. I still love them tho. The more dread and helplessness the better.

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JMPetrequin1807d ago

Keep the horror roots, but keep teh co-op. Fear can still exist in a game if you play with a friend, it just needs to be smart about it.

Summons751807d ago

No it needs to drop the coop. If you are playing by yourself the computer is stupid as hell and ruins the immersion and atmosphere, if you are playing with a friend then the atmosphere changes even if you both are taking it seriously. They also need to drop the reliance on weapons because I've never felt scared of the slow zombies because you can shoot them and ammo even in the older ones was easy to come across.

TimelessDbz1807d ago

How about you don't use the co op function instead of turning away potential buyers .

dead_pixels1807d ago

@Timeless - That wouldn't prevent issues like the AI co-op from RE5 and RE6 from screwing things up as they did throughout the campaign of both games. Having backup, either AI or co-op, really took away from the tension that previous games in the series had in spades. I'm all for an optional mode, but forcing players to play alongside an ally, either human or not, is definitely a bad decision, at least in my opinion.

Kaneki-Ken1807d ago

Well I did like Co-op for Resident Evil 5 and Revelation 2, I believe it won't take anything much away rather I couldn't play hard difficulty with Al since they block path, die to many times so I prefer to play Co-op with a person who can help me pass a level on hardest difficulty without raging much.

gangsta_red1807d ago

One of the best aspects of RE was being alone, trapped and alone against the unknown with little help and hardly any weapons or ammo.

Co-op was cool, but for this series that co-op feature made the series stray from what made the original games so good.

PaleMoonDeath1807d ago

Horror, best experienced alone. Everytime anytime, unless the person you're playing with is terrified of his/her own shadow.

naruga1807d ago (Edited 1807d ago )

i ve lost all hopes that capcom could return RE to success

PaleMoonDeath1807d ago

Resident Evil Outbreak reboot, THIS is what needs to happen first, test the water before taking the plunge.

RosweeSon1807d ago

Yeah I'd like a proper Outbreak they ripped all the online modes of out the games when they launched in U.K... Other than that Resi7 no co-op please stay away from that changes the whole dynamic massively.

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