E3 2016 Not Slowing Down: Show Features 66 New Firms, 130 Unannounced Products

E3 has had a bit too much of the Doom's Day talk surrounding it as of late. With the different strategies being implemented by EA and Activision, that has caused some to think the show is losing its importance, however, that doesn't seem to be the case.

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this is new to me, normally before E3 everything is in lock down so to speak so leaks don't happen, even though we know they do leak.

and why is this a PS4 logo? wouldn't it be more of a E3 type of logo article?

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Aenea1804d ago

130 unannounced products? That makes me giddy! :)

KillZallthebeast1803d ago

Well E3 has been a bust for the past few years so I would hope they put effort into making it worthwhile again.