Bethesda Releases Another Video to Convince DOOM Players to Use SnapMap

EB: Bethesda has released a new SnapMap-centric video for DOOM to show gamers what the mode offers. It’s definitely not a full on set of mod tools, as they’re are some pretty sever limitations such as the amount of demons you can use in a map, but it does allow you to create some cool content.

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theXtReMe11803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

In my opinion, SnapMap needs a ton of assets to make it useable. No matter what you create using it, it looks like Doom. If they want to make it a big deal to gamers and modders, give people assets that you dont see in game. Allow them to build full games that are unlike its namesake.

I spent about a dozen hours using SnapMap and got creative with assets to build new ones... The issue? You cant save out your creations as assets to use in other maps. So, if you spend an hour or five creating a really detailed house or car, its only as good as you copying every piece and duplcating them to create another house or car in that level. Make a new map... and you have to create them all over again. On top of that, the pre-built rooms all resemble one another and there is no way to choose or change textures or colors.

It just wasnt well thought out. Especially given the games huge history with mods and modders in mind. Just a bare bones mode to give people something else to do in between single and multiplayer.