Opinion: Is PlayStation 4 Neo Really ‘The One’?

PSU looks into whether Sony should position PS4 Neo as a VR console, with the base PS4 model restricted to traditional gaming?

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ApocalypseShadow1803d ago

My opinion: this article is as poor as the rest with rumor and speculation. If you're going to have an opinion with journalistic intentions, why not seek out the facts and bring it to us rather than more speculation and rumors? Not one site is determined to seek out and present the truth.It also doesn't make sense to position this rumored console for VR when Sony put out PSVR preorders for the PS4. That happens to play VR just fine. What other VR console is PS4 being compared against to seem weak?

Sony has commented "we don't comment on rumor and speculation." If Sony was rumored to be controlled by space aliens, should Sony comment on the rumor? Why bother? When and if they have something to show to the game industry, they will. Saying **and while Sony isn't in any way required to provide a response it would certainly give some clarity.**basic translation: they don't have to but they should... Huh? They don't have to. Point blank.

If neo exists, and cool guy Darren walks into a store and sees two consoles, you ask him point blank "do you have a 4K TV? No? Then here's the PS4. As for PS4 power, no one is complaining except the graphics whores. When they should be complaining about poorly made, unoptimized game code and broken games and not buy them. And push reviewers and game sites to tell the truth and not give free passes to broken games.

**Is the current system behind the technological curve, lacking in performance, and dreadfully underpowered? Yes**....COMPARED TO WHAT? A cellphone? A tablet? A $300 PC? Consoles were never trying to "keep up" with PCs. Only graphics whores expect them to. Just look at the whores downplaying Ready at Dawn's new game. How come they are not downloading the game the former drive club developers are making called Filthy Lucre? Be consistent in your whoring.

Long story short, PS4 is powerful. It can do VR. Neo is unnecessary and go find the facts and stop all this speculation.

DigitalRaptor1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

These are the REAL complaints we should be hearing - another great comment.

"It also doesn't make sense to position this rumored console for VR when Sony put out PSVR preorders for the PS4. That happens to play VR just fine. What other VR console is PS4 being compared against to seem weak?"

OK.... so I've been away from here for a short while, but that article with the developer talking about VR on the current PS4 being "truly awful" - can you let me know, did we have the same obvious concern trolls trying their very best to downplay VR on the currently available PS4?

I mean it's obvious that guy was talking nonsense, as soon as the words came out of his mouth, since hands-on impressions for VR and its games on the current PS4 have been more than "fine", but overwhelmingly positive. The disconnect is clear.

donthate1802d ago

lol... denial!

PS VR on PS4 may or may not be good, but denying it won't change what it is. For some it might be acceptable, and for others it might not be. So let's just say it as it is, PS VR is the bare minimum of what VR experience should be and implements a bunch of band aids to get there. Sony recognizes this and is now pushing PS4k/Neo. It is coming.

I think the disconnect is pretty clear, especially when PS4k/Neo is coming. It is a dang good confirmation and no co-incidence it is coming this holiday.

Wait two months and it will all be true.

JackBNimble1802d ago

@ donthate

Sony is not new to the hardware business , they have been around quite along time now. Do you really think that they would mass produce the psvr, put it on sale for pre-ordered for the ps4 at bare minimum specs or experience with out mentioning that you will need the ps4k or neo to get the full potential out of it ?

You must really think Sony is stupid, because that would most definitely full under false advertisement and would be subject to a class action law suit .

Not only that but having to buy a psvr and a neo to get an adequate preformance out of it ,puts psvr more expensive then any other VR on the market , and sony needs to sell their product .
If the Neo is real , and I think it just maybe , it is not going to be that magic upgrade that you think it is. Secret sauce sound familiar .

Why would sony upgrade the fastest selling console in history with a 20 million lead on second place ? There is definitely something that you don't know , and if you thought about it for a minute you may realize sony does more then gaming . And neo may just be a 4k blu-ray and UHD upgrade with a slight power boost for 4k blu-ray preformance . If sony can push that format in the ps4 you bet it would sell consoles and that theory is more sound then a mid gen upgrade for the leading console that is out selling the closet competition by 20 million units.

freshslicepizza1802d ago

all of this sounds like some people don't like the idea they may have a weaker ps4 than others and want the new neo but just don't want to pay for it.

you also have to remember sony also pushes video and wants 4k out there. the ps4 currently does not support ultra hd disks, this new system will rectify that. sony doesn't want to wait another 3 o4 4 years for the ps5 to push 4k ultra hd. we also know sony suffers from superiority complex. they don't want to have an inferior vr system out there that can barely handle vr compared to what the other two offer and rumor has it amd is upgrading the chips and sony may have a hard time keeping the same design. sounds like ps4 neo will replace the original ps4.

sony is also not stupid enough to allow ps4 neo exclusive games so i'm not sure why current ps4 onwers are worried other than what i said earlier, they don't like the idea their ps4 is now not as good as the new one.

DigitalRaptor1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )

@ donthate

Saying "lol... denial!" proves nothing and doesn't extinguish the majority of positive PSVR impressions that have been doing the rounds for many, many months. PSVR will have its limitations just like any and every consoles on the market ever has. PS4K will alleviate some of the limitations for those that want it. Yet, the PSVR and its games you buy in October for you current PS4 will play just like the same games that people have been playing for months in demo form and saying lots of great things about.

There has also been absolutely ZERO confirmation that PS4K is coming this holiday. The lack of information from Sony up until E3 pretty much confirms it's a no show until Spring of 2017 at the earliest. But that's just my personal speculation, just like your attempt at mocking of me for being "in denial" is just your own personal opinion. Wait a few days and you might get confirmation that completely demolishes your confidence in a PS4K coming this year. And what if Sony nor Microsoft say absolutely anything about their rumoured iterative consoles this E3?

@ moldybread

No you're just here to try and paint something that nobody ever said, to project negativity onto a certain fanbase. Everybody interested in technology and gaming should want more power when it's on offer to them at a reasonable cost. That is just about it.

"we also know sony suffers from superiority complex"

Christ. Okay moldy, okay... You're basically telling us that Sony has the absolutely best products out there in every single category compared to its competitors, and when they don't they will immediately spend more money than its worth having better products than every other corporation in the business to make sure they aren't inferior? You've gone mad. Even with an incremental power upgrade, PSVR is not touching the HTC Vive. Now that is not complex!

And as usual.... you are putting words in other people's (read: Sony fans) mouths. Worried? You should see how worried some people are about Sony having the most powerful console, that they are now hyping up a so far non-existent Scorpio, going all-in with a rumour, worried enough that it might not be true to convince themselves that it's real, despite being the same folks that have been downplaying power differences AND the important of having more of it, all generation so far. Observe the Xbox community on Twitter. On the flip side, Sony fans have been talking about power being important enough to be consistent when more is coming, and wanting it.

freshslicepizza1801d ago (Edited 1801d ago )


this isn't about a certain 'fanbase' because even xbox fans may not like the idea of a more powerful xbox because some of them also don't want an inferior system around the corner. that's life since technology doesn't stand still but for consoles it usually does for an average of 5 or 6 years. but that looks like it's about to change even though both ms and sony will not comment. just because you detest the xbopx community doesn't mean they are actually quite different from another. what you fail to see time and again because of your narrow views and loyalty to sony is xbox and sony fans at the end of the day are gamers but you want to make them seem worlds apart because this feeds into your whole console warz mentality which you seem to enjoy supporting.

this generation has been underwhelming as far as power goes when they are already struggling to hit 1080p. i don't want to see consoles holding back technology because of their popularity and with vr putting even more pressure on the hardware it's no wonder they are both looking at revamping their current hardware sooner rather than later. we already know games like driveclub have had to make concessions to handle vr. this is why i think the new gt sport doesn't look as good as it could because they are going to have vr support on that game as well. microsoft's xbox one can't even handle oculus rift properly and the current system is kind of a band-aid solution. the rumored scorpio would handle it fine. does microsoft want to wait another 3 years for a whole new xbox to get into vr? who knows but they have commented on future backwards compatability which is why i am not worried about consoles becoming almost like pc upgrades.

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Rude-ro1802d ago

Bravo good sir. Bravo.

Segata1802d ago

I agree with most of what you said but since Dreamcast consoles have tried taking on PCs and with some success. Dreamcast Shenmue looked better than anything on PC at the time. Original Xbox was a PC with a custom OS and custom connectors for USB ports for the controllers. It even used a Geforce 3 based GPU. PS3 and 360 were on par with high end PCs at the time for a good 2-3 years. PS4 and XBO basically use PC parts but have reverted back to the era when consoles were far less powerful form the start. PS4 is a pretty low end machine but I agree that games look plenty good on it.

iTechHeads1803d ago

PSVR is compatible with both PS4 and the upcoming Neo.
That's what gives Sony the advantage over their competitors. They have a potential 40 million install base that supports VR.

donthate1802d ago

That is definitely an advantage, but a minor advantage. I think most consumers that bought a PS4 where price sensitive customers that responds to $50 price drops and bundled games/accessories and gift cards to make the purchase. I don't think they will be buying a VR headset for $500 i.e. that cost more than their console, barely any games and questionable content. On top of this, Sony is now releasing PS4k/Neo basically admitting PS4 isn't really up to snuff.

However, I believe Sony is doing the right move by introducing PS4k/Neo at 4Tflops. Why?

Because now you are aiming towards PC gamers that might have purchased a PC + Vive/Rift, and see that the experience is very close. Basically Sony gets the low end market (however little it is), and the high end market (to an extent).

That is a good business strategy and sensible in my opinion especially at the launch of the headset.

Fin_The_Human1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

4teraflops really can't run much games on PC on high settings.

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Movefasta19931803d ago

Yes it is.It is the one,and i'll buy it day 1.And it will sell like crazy.Bring on the dislikes idgaf, i will buy it and millions of others will too.People are going to convert once they see gow 4 and tlou 2 on the neo.

gangsta_red1803d ago (Edited 1803d ago )

Do not try and bend the spoon. That's impossible. Instead...only try to realize the truth.

opinionated1802d ago

There is no spoon. Mind blown.

FullmetalRoyale1802d ago


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