Metal Gear Solid 3 PS3 vs Pachinko Graphics Comparison

"Konami announced yesterday a new installment of the series Metal Gear Solid. But that was ridiculous, this is not a game for consoles or even for PC. Title presented by the developer is a pachinko machine. But what a great graphics it has"

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Paytaa1798d ago

Wow. What a kick in the balls.

Nitrowolf21798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

People should have expected this, it's Konami, for years they have been moving towards this. They don't really even profit in making video games, it's all in the casino/cards business for them.

Sad though cause that mgs3 revision is amazing looking. I would kill for a remake of mgs3 that looked like that

naruga1798d ago

Snake looks ugly in the remade CG..

Sunny_D1798d ago


He looks exactly how I expect him to look.

1Victor1798d ago

🤔 😱 😡 @ Konami

bloop1798d ago

@naruga: I wouldn't exactly say he looks ugly. If anything, for me anyway, there's some uncanny valley type sh*t going on there!!!

_-EDMIX-_1798d ago

100% agreed people should have completely expected this I'm sorry but how many times was I not telling folks that this company likely has no plans to release a triple A Metal Gear Solid title?

I'm not sure how much really needed to happen for people to really see this coming the company at some point was basically saying that they have no plans to make triple A games anymore.

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PizzaSteve1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Yep a Draymond Green type of kick to the balls too http://www.thenewstribune.c...

dissilience1798d ago

lol logged in just to upvote!

lxtrxi1798d ago

I've always been impressed with MGS graphics, never played the games too much though.

Austin481798d ago

This puts a tear to my eye thanks a lot Konami for ruining such a great franchise u guys don't care about your fans at all it's all money with you guys smh.

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DafunkyRebel1798d ago

tell you, Konami has been bought off by yakuza it's the only explanation to their greedy BS behavior.

Warpaint1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

Nah, man. I don't think the Yakuza is evil enough to fire the best gaming designer in recent years and steal his creation. This is just another tragic story about greed and capitalism.

PiperMCFierceson1798d ago

Wtf is pachinko .. A pinball machine? How is mgs going to be a bin ball machine

MasterCornholio1798d ago

Its not exactly pinball. Its a game where you drop metal balls into the top of the machine and then the balls hit a bunch of pins on the way down. Then each ball has a chance into falling into a specific hole that can win you points that give you more balls. After your done you can exchange the balls for prizes. However there is a loop hole in the system where you can exchange the balls for a price and then walk outside to a place where you can exchange it for real money.

YouTube has videos that explain how pachinko is played and how to use the loophole in the system.

ameliabaz1798d ago

Gambling is illegal in Japan, so pachinko is a legal (and more fun) 'alternative' to slot machines. Plenty of game companies sre in the pachinko business, and use their big name games to entice people to play. Im surprised a MGS pachinko doesnt already exist tbh.

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