Ubisoft CEO on E3 excitement, says video games will shape entertainment's future

Ubisoft is one of the largest games publishers in the industry and they continue to find success when launching a new franchise.

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Findingcrybabies1797d ago

Hopefully Ubisoft isn't the one shaping it. Don't want it to be half finished and full of bugs and glitches....with very shaky internet connection.

annoyedgamer1797d ago

Hopefully Ubisoft, EA and Acitivision are not the ones shaping it. Unless mindlessly liberating camps and radio towers is all you want to do in the future.

1797d ago
Goldby1797d ago

He should be more focused on vivendi than e3 right now personally. I dobt want one of the few canadian devs to lose out to a french company wanting nothing but more money for less expense.

Austin481797d ago

There goes Ubisoft talking out there behinds again.