Uncharted 4 Solves The Series’ Identity Crisis

Depending what part of an Uncharted game you see him in, Nathan Drake is either a wisecracking dude clinging to a cliff face or a cold-blooded murder machine. Players have to do a fair amount of mental gymnastics to believe that this is the same guy in both instances. Uncharted 4 makes that cognitive exercise a little bit easier.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1804d ago

Uncharted has never had an Identity Crisis. Ever since the first it's been identified as a lighthearted action adventute game. U2 took it further adding exotic locations and merging cinematography with gameplay, and that's where the similarities with TR ended for good. The Series has stuck with this formula ever since.

TwoForce1803d ago

And UC 4 took another level of UC 2 story. Which is more personal, profound and subtle, but it's still contains the light heart. I will say this one again, UC 4 and Breaking Bad Season 5 both have perfect ending. They ended with a bang. No BS sequel and no BS Cliffhanger ending. Respect the Legacy of these two are very important. Because we people have to respect their creations and their legacy. One day, we will do the same.

-Foxtrot1802d ago

While Uncharted 4 was good it still wasn't up to Uncharted 2 in story

Despite being a good game Uncharted 4s story felt a little "soap opera-ish".

WellyUK1802d ago

Uncharted 4 story was poor tbh there is 0 impact, story wise 4 is pointless all it adds is Sam and the slice right at the end. Other than that it's pretty poor story wise.

TwoForce1802d ago

@Foxtrot I understand your opinion. But the reason a lot of people disagree with you about UC 4 articles, it's that you are nitpicking way too much. Do you really think people praise UC 4 by paying game media ? I could agree with you about MGS 5, but this is not the case of UC 4. The people praise the UC 4 because the game have something special just like other UC series. The game wanted to tell a personal story about Nathan life. And it did well. Most of my friends are UC fans and they do love the game really. And for the love of god, stop with that nitpicking type seriously. I understand your point and i do. I have seen your comments in many times. You do have a lot of points about gaming industry, culture, business and etc, etc, etc....... , but you really need to stop with nitpicking. Even most people disagree with you because of that. Sorry for my bad English.

LackTrue4K1802d ago

The only thing I think was missing for UnCharted 4 was for Chole(think that was her name)
Would of made an appearance since she was so many times before in the series.

-Foxtrot1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

It never had one

To be honest you could argue the new one takes more from the Last of Us then past Uncharted games, but best not...especially on here.

Summons751802d ago

The only thing it took from The Last of Us was the environmental story telling which ultimately helped the game be as great as it was.

-Foxtrot1802d ago

It just didn't fit in with the rest of the games for me. Uncharted was never about using the environment to look around and talk more then fight. It already did a wonderful job of telling a fantastic story the way they did in Uncharted 1-3, so I don't see why people act like it was and this was an improvement.

Uncharted had it's thing, the Last of Us had just felt Neil and Bruce couldn't get a good balance.

Its a shame Amy didn't hold off leaving until after she worked on this with them. In the end I think they needed each other to balance each others ideas out.

opinionated1802d ago

Kotaku is the only one with an identity crisis. They think they are a video game website.

mixelon1802d ago

Helps to *read the article* guys. Evan was totally clear what he meant about "identity crisis" and it wasn't an insult to the series at all.

It's to do with the disconnect between shooting everyone without much though and being a loveable rogue, mostly - something that's hardly uniquely noticed by Kotaku, haha.

MajorIly1802d ago

The concept of ludonarrative dissonance never made sense to me when it's used against Uncharted. Even Neil said he doesn't buy into it whatsoever in an interview...
"Because we don't buy into it. I've been trying to dissect it. Why is it that Uncharted triggers this argument, when Indiana Jones doesn't? Is it the number? It can't be just the number, because Indiana Jones kills more people than a normal person does. A normal person kills zero people. And Indiana Jones kills a dozen, at least, over the course of several movies. What about Star Wars? Han Solo and Luke Skywalker, are they some sort of serial killers? They laugh off having killed some stormtroopers. And in The Force Awakens, we see that a stormtrooper can actually repent for the person he is and come around, and there are actually real people under those helmets.

It's a stylized reality where the conflicts are lighter, where death doesn't have the same weight."

IMO it has more place in something like GTA 5 where Michael's trying to be the family man halfway through the story yet the player can still take him to strip clubs and have him sleep with prostitutes.

P_Bomb1802d ago

Neil's right. How many games have you playing as the proverbial good guy, who by the end kills 1000+ people to save 1? Wouldn't the same rules make Mario the longest running serial killer in gaming?

Fire, hammers, bombs, magic, dinosaurs, throwing guys off cliffs and stomping their brains into their shoes. Dropping them into lakes of fire. But he giggles like "hee hee" and has plushies, so pounding Bowser's kids into dog meat is ok. Nope, nothing to see here. ;)

Video games reside in their own hyper reality, like comic books. Without conflict, how many of our favorite charachters would we have left?

Imalwaysright1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

GTA 5 characters are all f****** crazy. That's why I don't have any problem going on a murdering spree and destroying everything in sight for the fun of it but playing as Jonh Marston, in RDR, I never once went on a murdering spree killing "innocent bystanders" for the fun of it because it didn't just felt right to me. It wasn't who Jonh Marston was at that point of his life. It just wouldn't fit the character.

What Uncharted characters do in the game, just don't fit who they are in the cutscenes. It doesn't fit their personality and they come across as being borderline psychopaths, making it hard for me to care about them.

Neil brought up good points but games are different from movies. We're the ones controlling the Drake when he is on a murdering spree and because of it, the ludonarrative dissonance might be more apparent to us than it is in movies.


@ XiKurapikaKurta

Yes, the people that the drake kills aren't innocent (aside for a few guards in U4) but does he have to crack jokes after shooting 20 guys in the head as if nothing had happened? As if he was just in a bar drinking beer with his buddies? As if killing someone was the most mundane of actions? That is what makes the Drake and his friends look like borderline psychopaths to me.

"Killing" pixels don't bother me as I've been doing that for over 25 years. The problem is that the disconnect from who the Drake and his friends are to their actions makes me care little for them in a game that clearly wants us to care for them.

Aloy-Boyfriend1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )


You aren't killing innocent people in Uncharted either. The people bitching about this stuff have little investment in the Uncharted world. Uncharted is a world of Thiefs and mercenaries all rushing to the biggest treasure. None of them care about what they do to reach their objective.

The problem is in your head and your lack of comprehension that these characters don't care about killing thiefs and mercenaries to get what they want. Just like you kill in other games to save the world, Uncharted is not different. Think about it, every Uncharted game besides 4 you are saving the world from some cursed treasure in the end.

Also, you are the one pulling the trigger in your controller. If that really annoys you to kill pixers, then stop playing the game.

Cutscenes and dialogs do show that they are aware of what they do. They just don't care because that is the world they are in

mixelon1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

That's the thing though - death does have the same weight when it's people we care about in the game.

It goes to great lengths to explain why drake and co have this dark side, yet everyone else is expendable/"evil". I mean, joining a mercenary army doesn't mean you don't have a family or feelings.. In the other games you occasionally murder guards and people in organisations who definitely don't consider themselves in the wrong, and you can't really objectively call drake a good guy based on those gameplay sections.. And of course people bring this stuff up for old movies like Indy too.. And people question it in starwars too.. The death stars had thousands-millions of people on board. The whole Retro adventure movie template laughs in the face of mass killings.. Which is ok! But it's still a thing.

It doesn't mean it's a flaw, but it can be pretty jarring in the earlier games. It doesn't seem like the guy in the cutscenes when he has to take a break to shoot 30 people in the head every few minutes. I agree U4 mostly fixes this though.

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opinionated1802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

Drake doesn't murder people, he kills people and there is a difference. It's a video game, what else are you going to do? Climb around and have deep discussions/flashbacks? Enjoy the scenery and nature hikes without unrealistic odds? UC4 😂

Drake kills armies and hangs off trains because he was a campy badass. That's all there is to it. What a dumb reason to scale back combat. Emotional identity politics "well how does drake feeeeeeel?". You're right it's not just kotaku, it's everyone who calls him a mass murderer including his own creators lol.

TwoForce1802d ago

Oh really ? He kill these people because they try to kill him. Merc, pirates and terrorist want kill him because he caused them a big trouble. Even I remembered how Nathan was shocked about Elena's Reporter was killed right front in his face. And the old guy was killed and he was shocked about it. Old man said to Drake : " Everything you touch turn to s*** ". Drake admit that more innocent people will be kill because of him. All Nathan want to find a treasure, but it cause a lot of trouble for him. It's a video game. Sure, you can complain Drake kill a lot of people. But why don't complain Lara Craft and Indiana Jones hud ? These two main characters kill more people than Drake. "Sign".

1802d ago
DanteVFenris6661802d ago (Edited 1802d ago )

It's not that hard to imagine. If someone was after me like that army id gladly kill them as they threaten my safety. But it doesn't mean I'm going to kill everyone I come across. Neither does it mean I'm a serial killer or can't make light of it

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