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Joshua from XO.TV digs into Overwatch. He's not impressed with this Team Fortress 2 clone.

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jessionpc1800d ago

Thank you. It saddens me nobody has the balls to say it how it is.

Shameless game, no content.

I'd rate it much higher if it wasn't 80 dollars Canadian, just to have a, "single player", version launch next year like we are certainly to see.

...Just to pay for it again...

XOTV1800d ago

I'm glad you agree... a lot of gaming sites have been giving it 10/10 and I honestly don't understand why. Mind you... when a website gives a game with as little content as Overwatch a 10 and has adverts for said game all over their website, well... one can only assume that it's being paid for.

Deadpooled1800d ago

True, it's shocking the amount of bending over for this game because it's 'Blizzard' while Titanfall, SWBF, SFV and evolve get literally crucified by reviewers for the same stuff. If Blizzard's sister company Activision did it they would likely have been crucified themselves!

Braxmapoutras1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Thank the god someone rated it fairly....I mean it's fucking ridiculous...10/10....I mean not even masterpieces like the witcher 3 don't manage to pull them off so easily....I mean look at the reviews of blood and wine.. it's around 8 /10...almost no game should be rated so high...that's why you should take all reviews with a pinch of salt.... ALL.
People have become so rabid and obsessed over this's a pitty because they are promoting and supporting shitty practices that were condemned in previous multi-player only games full priced with microtransactions by the very same people....just remember of Rainbow six siege,Evolve,Battlefront EA....

And I'm not saying that the game is bad nor that Rainbow six siege,Evolve,Battlefront EA are better than it...
All I'm saying is don't hail nor ignore their shady tactics but condemn them and point them out...
n my opinion the game is an 7,5... Due to almost no variety in missions,no campaign(so far),microtransactions and stupid progression system...gameplay is awesome the graphics are awesome the heroes are awesome but it's not a 10.

zeal0us1800d ago

I can't imagine how a single player campaign would work for this game. Would each character have their own story or would it be split into 2 stories. One with the Overwatch/former overwatch squad and another with the mercenaries.

ShinRon1800d ago

It doesn't take balls to be critical of whatever the new hotness is...

So shameless that they always said thered be no singleplayer and released the full game as an extended open beta for anyone to try it before launch.

Gatsu1800d ago

And that's just your opinion...

WellyUK1800d ago

it's an opinion... I'm still amazed uncharted 4 got as many 10's as it did as well. Overwatch however is a fantastic shooter, it's not a 10 or 9 but it's a solid 8.

kraenk121799d ago

If any game ever deserved a 10 it's TLOU and U4.

WellyUK1799d ago

TLoU yes. uncharted 4? no way, it adds literally nothing to the series and stumbles badly story wise. Just because it has very high production value doesn't mean it should be given those ridiculous scores.

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allastocata1800d ago

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. To me, 40$ for probably 400-1000 hours is a pretty good deal. People that don't like a genre for what it is and reviewing it low is fine, but claiming that people who enjoy the game have no balls @jassionpc, and then agreeing with such a comment as a 'respectable review site' is a bit much to swallow.

kaizokuspy1800d ago

The authors summary does nothing but complain that this is a team fortress 2 clone, but aside from that, doesn't give the reader a clear view on why you gave it a 6/10. Furthermore the author complains about map design a la temple of anubis, but fails to point out in overwatch you're encouraged to swap heroes on the fly to counter attacking or defending. Essentially git gud. The lack of content can be forgiven as there is no season pass and future maps and characters will be free in the future. I could see this as a 7/10 right now, but a 9/10 easily in the future. The author should have also noted that this is still a great addicting game and say it's up to the reader to invest now or wait for more content before purchasing. This review is lacking, while saying we should just go play team fortress 2, it doesn't even try to point out how the two of them, are fundamentally different. Sorry you missed the point author. Better luck on your next one.

XOTV1800d ago

Hello kaizokuspy,

Thanks for taking the time to provide feedback, we really appreciate it!

To be honest... I think you missed the point of the review.

If you read the review, then I'd think you'd notice that there really isn't a whole lot that Overwatch does differently from Team Fortress 2. The areas where the game does attempt to diversify itself, it falls flat on its face (as I discuss in the review).

Also the "feature" of swapping characters on the fly isn't any different from TF2 or indeed any other objective based feature. If you've been lead to believe that it is unique to Overwatch by Blizzard's extensive marketing team, then I feel slightly sorry for you. At the end of the day maps like Temple of Anubis are just incredibly frustrating, especially with a public group, both for attackers and defenders. Swapping a character doesn't solve that issue. If you believe that swapping characters solves an issue with a map's poor design, then I don't know how I can help you.

Ultimately, if you enjoy the game that's great! I'm happy for you! In fact I enjoyed it to... until I started looking beyond the polish. That's when I started to realize just how bare bones and flawed the experience is.

Anyway... thank you for your feedback! I really do appreciate it! I hope you have fun with Overwatch!

Kind regards,

kaizokuspy1800d ago

How exactly is the map of anubis flawed? It requires different heroe synergies to either attack or defend properly. It's phara map so the map layout reflects the jetpack aspect of hers. To attack a Reinhardt mercy, 2 phara, a junkrat, and a widow maker are ideal, but that's just for attack. Defending a bastion, torbjorn, phara, mercy, dva, and mccree are good to have. Either way, it's not really frustrating if you use your head and communicate. That's what this game requires. 6v6 communication and strategy, otherwise it will be infuriating. I've played tf2, where they are different are the heroes with different abilities, vs 6 characters that have items that change their playstyle. Furthermore the clear benefit of this game is for next gen consoles as they don't run team fortress 2. That is where I find the value of this game. Sure the game borrows heavily from other games, but why is that bad if it creates an enjoyable experience that isn't found on the current platform. PC gamers may be hard pressed to find a reason, but the huge market will be the consoles and competitive pc scene. This game is no more bare bones than say rocketleague. It is in the same vein of repetition and what will have you coming back is it's competitive nature, which is more than a refreshing break from cod bro shooters. This is the major issue with your review. It is written clearly from a PC mindset and doesn't reflect the choice console users have.

ShinRon1800d ago

Hard to argue with the TF2 comparisons, however as a primarily console using gamer im glad overwatch came out because TF2 was amazing on The Orange Box.

I still think the game warrants its price and critical acclaim tho.

The situation reminds me of someone who thought Bioshock got too much credit because of ppls lack of exposure to system shock.

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