RX 480 Crossfire (400$) Beats GTX 1080 (700$) in Real World Performance

AMD made a short Ashes of Singularity demonstration at Computex 2016, that showed the world the power of a 200$ card. This is David VS Goliath.

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yarbie10001797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Breaking News at 11.
2 Cards beat 1 card

Nitromonteiro1797d ago

Well, more like 400$ beats 700$. That one card is the best card in the world right now.

yarbie10001797d ago

i'll be getting the $600 version that'll be better than the founders card.

Would rather SLI 2 high end cards than running 2 lower end cards to meet 1 for me personally anyways

SirBradders1796d ago

@yarbie1000$ that's cos you got the dollar b. For us poor folk we happily take the 400$ YOLL

ShadowKnight1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Crossfire configurations don't support that many games though and it's only one game they compared this too.

Ysmir67231796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

got 2 evga 1080s for 700 euro,so win for me.

Why the disagrees???Except the connections and friends who get you these prices,just by working on wordpress for 1 hour i made 600 euro,without doing anything difficult for anyone with knowledge on pcs.

BattleAxe1796d ago

I like the price of the RX 480, but I'd prefer to have better compatibility with the vast majority of games out there. Nvidia is what I would go with, despite the price. If I only had $200.00 to spare, then the RX 480 would be a no-brainer, and this is the demographic that the card is being aimed at, for people who don't have much money.

Kingthrash3601796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

The real thing that flew over everyones head is this is a rare moment where pc only news hits a hot topic! Lol I'm a console gamer and won't dabble...but it's good to see pc parts getting cheaper to buy while being powerful. I've been thimaking about building

TheCommentator1796d ago

Shadowknight, correct me if I'm wrong here but instead of using Crossfire, couldn't XDMA be used instead? I thought XDMA is supposed to work not only with any two GPU's, but also offer up improvements to all software run with it.

NegativeCreepWA1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I would rather buy one high end card that works with every game, than sli two cards that may not work with every game.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1796d ago

IMO Crossfire and SLI almost always have issues with games. I'd rather spend the extra money and get a single card.

kevnb1796d ago

In ashes of the singularity benchmark run by amd , lol.

noksucow731796d ago

I agree. I've been running 6870s CF for over 3 years and you are exactly right. I'm building another pc next year and I'm not doing the CF or SLI thing anymore. I'll stick with one very strong gpu. Waiting to see what amd brings out with their cpu lineup later, than I'm gonna start my new build.

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Genuine-User1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

The main point flew over your head it seems.

You can save more than 200 dollars and end up with better overall performance with 2 RX 480's.

yarbie10001797d ago

Nothing flew over my head. Not buyin 4 cards to perform the equivalent of 2 high end cards. That appears to have flown over your head.

notachance1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Not every game supports Crossfire/SLI, or optimized for it...
also a 'real world' test would also mean they have to test it on every kind of games, the ones that have Nvidia Gameworks on them, the ones with bad optimization, etc, and not only the 'fair' game as I'm certain all the buyers will want to play other games beside Ashes of Singularity.

Other things such as power consumption (150x2 vs 180 W), test case is against 1080's founder edition (lame, barebone cash grab for impatient people), card's durability, games support are also important factors to consider if you really want to buy crossfire rx480 instead of gtx1080

and with 1 card you can actually buy a cheaper motherboard that at least offset some of the price difference because motherboards that supports SLI/Crossfire are more expensive, not to mention if you're like me that only wants to upgrade the card and have a mobo that only support 1 card, there's no way I can buy dual RX480 without buying new mobo..

Soo yes, at the end of the day I'd say wait for more real world tests before you buy either cards.

jessionpc1796d ago


Actually, the point did fly right over your head.

Nitro made a comment on how it's the best card in the world right now, "for price/performance." It's the right choice to maximize gain over loss. And that point is also a fact.

You came back in, and made a completely subjective argument against Genuine-User who just tried to help you understand WHY Nitro posted what he did. You are willing to pay much more, for some more. Like... That's fine. So am I, but that doesn't change that what he said was true. Many people don't care about getting the best possible performance no matter the cost, they just want the best, for the best price. And this new card in Crossfire?.. Will be. Those same people aren't going to buy 2 1080's, it's a colossal waste of money in their eyes, "for good reason, because it is.", there is a reason why the 1080 launched first before it's budget cards, and that was to sucker in obsessed, inpatient consumers.

Not to mention you then counter argued again saying, "Not buying 4 cards to perform equivilent of 2".

They weren't arguing about being an enthusiast, they were arguing about price/performance.

You missed the point. And if you think you didn't, you don't know what, "Missing the point", means.

Sorry, It just triggered me, I don't dislike you.

ProjectVulcan1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Being someone who has owned and experimented with countless multi GPU systems, you should only bother with them if you are putting very high end cards together for a monster system.

Too many extremely demanding titles don't work with it well. Even if they do, you still end up with a bunch of multi GPU niggles guaranteed, micro stutter, driver issues, hardware issues, update issues.

Just recently I have played Quantum Break- demanding, doesn't work with multi cards. Forza apex- Didn't work, still broked. Assassin's Creed Syndicate- didn't work properly. Far Cry Primal- broke. Fallout- dodgy. Arkham Knight- totally borked. Witcher 3- bad scaling. The list goes on and on.

Buy the fastest single card you can afford. Only get multi GPU systems when you're already paying like $400 for each card and it gets crazy before you can buy a single card faster.

When you buy a $600 card you get $600 performance- ALL THE TIME.

If you buy two $200 cards you'll get $500 worth of performance rarely, $400 worth some of the time, $300 a lot of the time, and $200 performance far too tell me about what is value.

freshslicepizza1796d ago

sounds to me you still have nvidia fanboys out there that don't underatand rational arguments. this card offer the best value out there and if you decide to have two of them you can have better performance than nvidia's $600 card (not sure why they use the $700 founders edition when you don't need to).

ShadowKnight1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Vulcanproject is right

fr0sty1796d ago

Crossfire isn't 100% efficient, however, and that performance will only scale in some applications. There will be some things you do get better performance than the 1080, but other things that the 1080 will be able to do better. In the end, having one card doing something is always going to be the preferred route to go if you can afford to. This is a great way for budget gamers to get high performance, but for people like me, who do things like CG animation, video editing, motion graphics, etc... The single card solution is better.

Plus AMDs drivers are terrible. I had nothing but problems out of my Radeon HD6870. My new GTX 970 hasn't given me any crap yet.

notachance1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

if any of you guys want to buy crossfire rx480 to 'save' money I say don't
two $200 cards doesn't mean they combine perfectly to make a $400 cards with double the power, it means you have a $200 card with extra power that HEAVILY VARY between each games, that comes with all the trouble a SLI/Crossfire setup will give you. Besides double cards means double the power consumption, I bet the saving you get from electricity bill of only 1 'more expensive card' alone will cover the money you're supposed to 'save' by buying 2 cards. And by god, the cooling system you have to make for a SLI/Crossfire setup to run comfortably...

And if you're still blind to all the good advises above and think they are just Nvidia fanboys rambling, wait for AMD's new high end cards and buy that instead.

Rule of thumb:
Always buy a single card if you're on a budget. The SLI/Crossfire setup is in no way intended for saving money, it is always meant for pushing the limit of PC's prowess.

esemce1796d ago

CF and SLI are not worth hassle , I'd rather overclock a 1070 or wait for the RX490.

freshslicepizza1796d ago

the gtx 970 and the gtx 980 both are still a lot more money and this apparently beats the gtx 970 and is in line with the much more expensive gtx 980. this card is also a very good fit for vr and direct 12.

kevnb1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I think it's pretty foolish, they run a benchmark heavily optimized for amd hardware and most likely purposely gimped on nvidia hardware.
Nvidia has done this sort of thing before, but they at least went to the effort of doing it on a game people actually care about. Buy amd and play ashes of the singularity like never before!

starchild1796d ago


Great comment. That is my thinking on it as well.

KillZallthebeast1796d ago

Guys calm down yarbie never finished first grade math this is difficult for it.

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YinYangGaming1796d ago

Could you not sense the stupidity of your comment as you were typing it Yarbie? This is clearly referring to how one can match the performance of one high end card with two lower end cards and save $300 in the process.

Erik73571796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

would love to see the performance on any other game other than this game that we all know has been the show piece for amd cards long before this card was revealed....

tontontam01796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Took me time to comprehend what you are trying to point out in your comment,

It's so stupid, it's like the opposite of sarcasm.

1796d ago
Bobafret1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I misread your comment, a single $600 card seems like an okay choice but you are still paying out $200 more for very minimal gains.

TFJWM1796d ago

There are many reasons why buying a single card for a higher price makes sense over getting 2 cards. Skipping the founder's edition to save 100 as well not sure where you get him as being a fool because of it

Erik73571796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

tell me why can't amd show benchmarks for any other game other than the show piece game for amd hardware?

oh and nvidia's card was put on higher settings and sli sucks

FlameBaitGod1796d ago

Nvidia wasn't running at higher settings, this was debunked yesterday.

Timesplitter141796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Take this information with an immense grain of salt, though.

By experience, I can guarantee that an SLI GPU setup is almost always a bad idea. Even if dual-cards has better performance "in theory" or in some very controlled tests, it almost never really is the case in practice. Tons of games and applications don't use SLI well. I have dual GTX 970s right now, and I know for sure that getting a 980 Ti or even a basic 980 would've been a much better idea.

Rule of thumb: just get the best single card you can get for the price you would've paid for your dual cards

yarbie10001796d ago

Obvious most people here have never read about the many issues with Crossfire and how few games support it. But keep acting like this is the greatest thing ever lol

1796d ago
Timesplitter141796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Crossfire/SLI is software-dependant and that is a verifiable, researchable fact

also Crossfire/SLI does not belong to AMD. You can do it with Nvidia cards too. What the hell are you on about with your "Typical nvidia fangirl... "

Psygnosis3331796d ago

you are blessed with no brian

Okan-Ru1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

i believe what there trying to say is. Why spend $700 on a GTX 1080, instead when you can by two cards $400 for better performance then the single card?

of course there are issues with SLI/CrossFire configurations, since most games are built to handle a single card better then two or multiple cards. plus you have two cards running in different modes x16, x8, x4, etc.

Sarcasm1796d ago

The other thing that doesn't seem to be mentioned is the fact that SLI/Crossfire always have microstutter. I used to have SLI 970's and it's terrible. Something like 55fps looks more like 40fps.

Now I have just one GTX 980, while theoretically slower than two 970s my gaming experience is much better and no worries about lack of support for SLI with certain games.

1 Faster Single GPU > 2 Slower GPUs in SLI/Crossfire.

killer8761796d ago

Braking news at 11

Someone made a stupid comment. More at 10

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ninsigma1797d ago

Just barely, on a game that generally favours AMD cards anyway and at lesser settings. It really perplexed me.

Nitromonteiro1797d ago

Well, it is the only game that perfectly employs DirectX 12, so that's why almost all recent benchmarks use it. This game 'favors' AMD as there is no Nvidia Gameworks applied to it. This game shows off the raw performance on a GPU.

kevnb1796d ago

if by perfect you mean its the game most optimized for amd, then yes.

OoglyBoogly1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )


No the game is most optimized for DirectX 12...something that Nvidia STILL doesn't fully support what with it's preemptive async compute support.

If Nvidia properly supported DX12 they'd probably be doing better. Since they don't though they will fall behind and will do so in all true DX12 games (not including ones like RoTTR or Hitman that just bolted it on last minute).

MRMagoo1231796d ago

the extra problem is a lot of games don't like sli or crossfire much so you don't get that performance anyway. one powerful card is usually better than 2 mid cards in the long run especially when you factor in your power bill.

tablecloth1796d ago

This is MultiGPU DX12 not Xfire/SLI.
With MultiGPU you can put an AMD and a Nvidia together ( only in DX12 games like Ashes' example ) and get atleast a 30-50% boost if not more.
If they put the 480 in Xfire and benchmarked a DX11 game, it would probably perform less compared to the 1080. But AMD is betting on DX12/Vulcan to succeed and already know that DX11 is a bottleneck for them

OoglyBoogly1796d ago

I've been using Crossfire for years and have rarely had issues. Especially now that AMD is on the ball with it's drivers the past year or so we get very quick updates. So yeah multi-GPU setups are a lot better than they use to be.

ninsigma1795d ago

I don't think sli or crossfire is as big a problem as a lot of people have made it out to be. Maybe I was just lucky but I've been using a 970 sli setup for a year and the only issue I had was that quantum break doesn't support it.

Articuno761795d ago

In thought AMD already responded to the 'lesser settings' thing. Or was their response countered and dismissed?

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Ashlen1797d ago

I'm really looking forward to the high end performance versions of Polaris. I'd like to see an dual gpu single card version of the current Polaris as well.

Either way I'm happy to see AMD really keeping the pressure on Nvidia.

Nitromonteiro1797d ago

Polaris is not going to be high end. Only the 480 and 470 will use this architecture. Vega is their higher end offering.

1796d ago
Nitromonteiro1797d ago

BTW: Can I have some votes that could make this post visible for others to see?