E3 News We Want: PS4 Neo, New Xbox, Horizon Zero Dawn In 2016 & BioShock 4

Last year's E3 could be the show where fans got what they wanted the most. Gamers learned they would receive backwards compatibility on Xbox One, a whole lot of fodder for Fallout 4, The Last Guardian re-reveal and of course, the news and trailer for the Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

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Phil322485d ago

I'd like a new Xbox and PlayStation 4 upgrade if only for the selfish reason that the vanilla versions might come down in price for me to bite!

RuleNumber52485d ago

Yeah I mean, if they are in the $500 range then I'd probably pick one up. Depends on if I have to pick up other things like a 4K TV, etc.

Retroman2484d ago

Sony must have some Serious she-it to announce no leaks been made.
E3 a week away.
minds will be blown. KA-BOOM!!!

AngelicIceDiamond2484d ago

Release dates MS. Give me release dates from Scalebound, Recore Sea Of Thieves, and CD3 And omg PLEASE show off Phantom Dust once and for all. I would be the happiest guy in the world if they show that off. Its a given they're gonna show off new Ip's but please announce they'll launch 6 months to a years time. Of course X1 slim with Gears custom bundle. Scorpio is up and the air but I rather MS not announce it but they may or may not so who knows. I forgot to mention BATTLETOADS.

Third Party: BF1, TF2, Maybe Mass Effeft 3 will be the main third party games for MS. Surprise RD2?

Horizon Gameplay, Sucker Punches Spiderman that's gonna steal the show I'm sorry I am a HUGE spiderman fan and with SP developing it expect that thing to be Infamous lvl good with great detail, Crash game is coming I can feel it, Medieval game also. Sony Bend new Ip TLOUS2 is 50 50 but I know they're making one. GOW4 showcase, Shenmue gameplay and Final Fantasy? Detroit: Become Human. Possible PS4 NEO snub but might announce it at the very last minute of the conference.

Third Party: Dishonored 2, Ghost Recon, Infinite War, Surprise Rocksteady's Justice League game?

I missed allot but that's a just a quick rundown what I think Sony and MS may show off.

Gamist2dot02484d ago

I need a 2nd PS4 and a 4k player so make NEO happen!