Gaming PC for Any Budget

On a budget, but still want to game on PC? Finding the right parts for the right price can be a daunting task, but Bobby C. of Gamer Assault Weekly does the legwork and suggests a $400, $600, $800, and $2000 build that hopefully makes it easier.

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JKSimmons1804d ago

Great article! PC gaming is still a mystery to me, since I'm more of a console gamer, but this spells things out a bit better for me.

SomeBeardy2Love1804d ago

Definitely super informative. Trying to get into the PC world can be confusing. Good info here.


Come to the dark side PC gaming is where it's at

jonivtec1803d ago

Im not sure the gtx 960 is a great choice for the 800$ budget.....2gb of ram is not enough anymore....i would put 100$ more and get a r9 390 or gtx 970....if money is an issue...the r9 290x are almost as strong as a r390 and super cheap these time!(4gb of ram instead of 8 but not an issue for 1080p gaming)