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Adriel: In the twilight years of the 2000’s and the youth of the 2010’s, one objective-based first-person shooter reigned above them all: Team Fortress 2. With radically different classes, interestingly-designed levels, and near limitless replay value, TF2 rocked the world of online gaming. However, nothing lasts forever. After several years, TF2 took on a free to play model, introducing more and more players to the community; be they good, bad, or alternate accounts for cheaters. Between the flood of unfavorable, insane weapon saturation, the explosion of hat culture, and sheer time since the game went live; many players moved on, looking for something new to fill the whole that was once filled by a game they spent hundreds of hours in. Now, Overwatch, the game that would fill this hole, is finally upon us.

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