Two classic battle cars to hit Rocket League as premium DLC

Neil writes - "Bored of the same old vehicles in Rocket League? You'll soon be able to get your hands on some new machines!"

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the_mack_attack31805d ago

Amazingly, I've only bought the batmobile for RL. I use one of the stock cars and never bothered changing it. Think it's because a different shape of car on the screen puts me off! Nice looking cars though.

neil3631805d ago

They certainly look nice but whether a skin is worth cash could be debated all day long.

frostypants1805d ago (Edited 1805d ago )

On the other hand, they give away new arenas. I like this model...only asking for money for cosmetic stuff. And I'm more likely to buy it from them than I otherwise would be, simply because I appreciate their approach. Also, it's cheap. I wish they'd offer more though. I'd pay a few bucks for a new pack of rocket trails.

neil3631804d ago

That is a very good point and not something I had thought about.